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AOC’s Taxes for Socialism Meme

AOC’s Taxes for Socialism Meme:

AOC's Taxes for Socialism Meme

AOC’s Taxes for Socialism:

AOC is ridiculous. She is incredibly unintelligent and doesn’t seem to have any understanding that historically, socialism kills. Additionally, like many other modern socialists, she doesn’t even seem to understand what socialism really is. She thinks it is kindness and generosity. In reality it is an ideology of envy and misery.

Don’t let her tax everything away in the name of socialism. Why should you have to let such an ignoramus steal your wages and spend those taxes irresponsibly? The rational answer is that you shouldn’t have to. The big government, socialist answer is that you should have to subsidize the lives of the unmotivated simply because you exist and make money.

AOCs taxes for socialism would destroy America. The mere fact that the Democrats entertain her idiocy shows how the Democratic Party is a mess. Furthermore, it shows the extent to which the Democrats have changed.

In the past, the Democratic party was made up of patriots. Sure, many of them would have disagreed with all generations of modern conservatives, Gen Z conservatives especially. But, like I talked about in my “Thank You to These Presidents Meme” post, they were still patriots with American values. Past Democrats wouldn’t have supported AOC’s ridiculous taxes for socialism.

Keep America prosperous through capitalism! If she does try to tax us at a ridiculous amount, just tell Atlas to shrug. The issue will go away soon enough if business leaders tell AOC to stop taxing them into oblivion. Tax cuts are good for all because they are good for the economy. AOC would raise taxes. She would destroy the economy.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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