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AOC is Completely Incompetent

Why AOC is Completely Incompetent

Like the rest of the Democratic Party’s membership, possibly excepting Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who are nothing if not (occasionally) skilled political operatives, AOC is completely incompetent and a complete mess.

Before delving into my personal thoughts on why I think AOC is completely incompetent, I thought I’d do a bit of fact checking on the claims presented in the above tweet. So, here they are:

  1. AOC has a 430 credit score: While I couldn’t find much about this one, it would seem to make sense; she’s currently in the midst of waging a no holds barred war on the credit industry. Mainly, this claim and the ones about her checking accounts stem from a Twitter rumor that may or may not be true. But, in any case, the fact that it is so believable is what makes it true that AOC is completely incompetent. No one thought that Andrew Carnegie could not handle his debt. No one believes that about Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. But everyone believed it about AOC.
  2. AOC has two evictions: Again, this one mainly stems from an online rumor. But, it also has her current actions to support it. In the same vein as her war on the credit industry, she’s currently fighting an ill-conceived battle for national rent control, which is what you’d expect from someone who had been evicted multiple times. So, I can’t verify it, but John LeFevre is no joke of a person, unlike AOC. He’s a renowned and highly successful investment banker. Keep what he says in mind when deciding for yourself whether you think AOC is completely incompetent.
  3. AOC has an empty resume: Absolutely true. If she were applying for another bartending job, she might be qualified. Although, her immaturity and complete lack of grounding, in reality, make even that a bit of a stretch. AOC, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, has only ever been a bartender and low-grade political organizer. Like Obama before her, she’s done absolutely nothing to qualify her for her current high-profile position other than being incredibly far-left.
  4. AOC couldn’t afford an apartment in D.C.: Also 100% true. Her personality is eerily reminiscent of her party; she has no sense of fiscal responsibility. Before moving to D.C., she announced she was unable to afford an apartment in D.C. Now, I don’t want to sound too elitist, but this woman is supposed to be responsible enough to run the nation. Shouldn’t she be responsible enough to have saved a few dollars for a security deposit on an apartment? Everyone else in Congress somehow found a way to do so. For that reason, among others, I think it’s time to declare fiscal responsibility dead.
  5. AOC is on the House Financial Services Committee: Another fact. Somehow, AOC the irresponsible upstart who couldn’t save a few dollars over the course of her life is in charge of managing the finances of the country. Isn’t that utterly terrifying? I certainly think so.

My Thoughts

Based on those five facts alone, it should be obvious that AOC is completely incompetent and can’t be trusted to faithfully and responsibly manage her Congressional responsibilities. She’s not alone in that of course. The entire Democratic Party is a mess. Joe Biden, who is also a mess, is not only corrupt but also can’t be trusted to deal with foreign governments. Bernie Sanders, AOC’s spiritual guide, is a moron with a sham of an agenda that will destroy America. In short, AOC is a symptom of a larger disease.

That disease is far-left socialism. Like a malignant tumor of the sort described in When Breath Becomes Air, socialism has battered through America and the Democratic Party and has somehow become an immensely powerful force in our political system. AOC is of the younger generation that doesn’t understand socialism or the evils that usually come with it, so her vociferous defense of the socialist fly trap needs to be understood in the context of that historical ignorance.

Again, she’s not alone in that. Most of the West suffers from a severe case of historical illiteracy. But she’s far worse than most. Many people just don’t understand the finer points of America’s military and social history.

That’s bad, but not disastrous. Fixing that problem “just” requires fixing our education system and making it more pro-America. AOC, on the other hand, is pushing for an evil ideology that has killed tens of millions of people because of her historical ignorance. She somehow doesn’t understand that socialism kills. That’s a bigger problem that can’t easily be solved.

However, I say that with some trepidation because it makes the whole situation look hopeless. If we think that all teachers are incompetent and liars in the same way that AOC is completely incompetent and a liar, it would be hard to keep on keeping on. It’s not, it just requires conservatives willing to fight a bare-knuckled culture war against the socialist left in the way that our cowardly establishment Republicans aren’t.

Many non-establishment Republicans are, however. For example, Andrew Breitbart certainly was before his untimely passing. They just need to be empowered to do so, supported by their brothers in arms in the conservative movement, and be allowed to win. More of a World War II strategy than a Vietnam strategy. Or, in more political terms, act like Trump rather than Mitt Romney. Be willing to state that AOC is completely incompetent and make fun of her for it.

The first step to fighting that war is calling out the evil socialists on how morally bankrupt their policies are and how incompetent they are for supporting those policies. Saying that AOC is completely incompetent and explaining why is my contribution to that fight. Now it’s your turn to pick up the torch.

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By: Gen Z Conservative