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“Anywhere But Here:” The Failing California Government Is Denigrating DeSantis to Distract From Its Obvious Failures

California gas stations are now charging $8 per gallon of gas. Parts of San Francisco have turned into an open-air drug market. Due to severe droughts, the state is now rationing water.

These are just a handful of problems that are now facing insane asylum formerly known as The Golden State.  But one of the state’s biggest newspapers, the Sacramento Bee, has bigger fish to fry.  Instead of focusing on the multitude of issues concerning residents of California, the paper turned their attention to the Florida San Sentinel article lamenting that the newly appointed Secretary of State in the state of Florida “has not renounced the big lie:”

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new chief elections official, Cord Byrd, could have saved himself a whole lot of justifiable criticism Tuesday if he had simply acknowledged what most Americans know is true — that Joe Biden won the presidency fair and square in 2020.

If I was still a resident of California working for a living, I’d be worried that I can no longer afford a house because the median house price is approaching a million dollars.   I would certainly not much care what a public official in a state across the country thinks about elections that happened two years ago.  After all, Cord Byrd does not seem to be “insisting on an insurrection” and has fully accepted Joe Biden’s authority:

“Joe Biden was certified by the Congress after counting the electors, and he is the president of the United States,” Byrd said.

But that doesn’t satisfy the standards of the Sacramento Bee.  The paper demands that every public official in the country submit to the “official party line” – or else:

To not declare Biden the legitimate leader of America undermines democracy and perpetuates The Big Lie — period.

Paying close attention to what is happening anywhere but in their own state became a full-time job for California public officials.  Meanwhile, according to a new report for Chapman University, California is now in a state of existential crisis:

Worse than just a case of progressive policies creating regressive outcomes, it appears California is descending into something resembling modern-day feudalism, with the poor and weak trapped by policies subsidized by taxes paid by the rich and powerful.

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However, the state officials desperately want California residents to pay attention to things that are happening elsewhere in the country.  Here is Gavin Newsom criticizing Greg Abbott for his handling of the Uvalde massacre.  Gavin spoke about the gun mortality rate, saying it is higher in Texas than California, referencing statistics from the CDC.  However, Gavin forgot to mention that according to the same CDC, California is way ahead in drug overdose deaths.  It’s not even close – but, to Gavin, the only deaths that count are the ones he can exploit for political gain.

Recently, Gavin Newsom has taken a particular interest in the affairs of the Sunshine State:

“Anyone paying attention to what that guy — what is it? De — DeSantis? DeSantos? — is doing in Florida? The attacks on the LGBTQ community? I mean they’re now going after social-emotional learning, I mean, CRT, just completely made up after whole cloth.”

The Governor of California, who thinks that mangling the name of another sitting governor qualifies as a valid argument, is very concerned with the Florida school curriculum.  However, Gavin hopes his residents never find out that his state’s unemployment rate is way above the national average of 3.6%, while Florida’s is way below, at 3%.

If Gavin was paying attention, he’d know that mispronouncing names has not helped Joe Biden’s popularity.  For most people in this country, it’s the economy that drives polls.  But lucky for Gavin, he doesn’t have to worry about that.  Despite the lagging economic recovery, he is not expected to face any challenges with his re-election this year.  The reason for that is California residents who remain in the state simply don’t care about Newsom’s performance as Governor.  The remaining residents of California are divided between extremely wealthy or extremely poor:

By the Gini index, a measure of the distribution of income across a population, California has the third-highest inequality behind New York and Louisiana, and has experienced the fifth largest expansion of inequality since 2010, according to American Community Survey data. California also suffers the widest gap between middle- and upper-middle-income earners of any state.

The wealthy don’t care if they pay $10 for a gallon of gas because they can afford it.  The poor don’t care because the government pays for it.  And the middle class is fleeing the state because their voice does not count.

Left on the ruins of what used to be a prosperous and booming state, California residents are now left with nothing but their “high moral values.”  Just like the Europeans, most of whom have very few assets and subpar living conditions, are making themselves feel good by disparaging Americans for “moral depravity,” California residents are looking down at other states.

Woke Californians mistakenly believe they are “sacrificing” quality of life for “high moral values.”  To them, exorbitant cost of gas is a small price to pay for “clean conscience,” and allowing shopping mall heist is their version of “social justice.”

All of that is, of course, delusion.  People in other states are a lot more considerate and tolerant, even though they don’t virtue signal by dressing their toddlers in rainbow apparel or enter competitions for the biggest BLM window sticker.  In Florida, for example, most communities are extremely diverse, and Silicon Valley is the most segregated place in the country.

But Governor Newsom wants his loyal subjects to stay focused on their own moral superiority, while his policies drive the state farther off the cliff.  To reverse the mass business exodus, Gavin is taking the page out of the red states’ playbook by creating “incentive opportunities for businesses to relocate to California.”   While using taxpayers’ money to bribe businesses into staying, Newsom is trying to convince his residents that it is really the free abortions, preschool gender identity education, and other far-left agenda items that make California so attractive.  And while California residents stay assured of their own “moral superiority,” Gavin Newsom’s gravy train will continue to chug along.

 RWR original article syndication source.