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Alleged Antifa Militant Targeted Conservative Rally With A Bomb

An alleged militant of the terrorist organization Antifa was arrested in Florida on January 6th for having a pipe bomb in his possession.  Garrett Smith, 22, was wearing a black bloc(Antifa’s signature attire) and acting very suspicious outside a conservative rally that was located outside Pinellas County Courthouse.

Police spotted Smith running away from the rally, causing officers to approach Smith and resulting in a foot chase. Smith never got the chance to detonate the homemade bombs. After his arrest, police searched his parent’s home where Smith resides and found more homemade bombs with a “direct action checklist”.


The official police report noted that the suspect could be Antifa/Anti gov member, but has not concluded that Smith is for sure a member. A report from Andy Ngo, an Investigative Journalist for the Post Millenial, reported these details:

A search of Smith’s home he shares with his parents in Oldsmar, Fla. revealed more explosives, tape and nails for use in grenades. Smith’s “direct action” checklist included a drawing of an umbrella, a symbol adopted by Antifa militants for their frequent use of black umbrellas to shield one another from cameras while they commit acts of violence or vandalism. The helmet found in his backpack during his arrest had the Antifa “iron front” symbol painted on it.

Garret Smith attended a right-wing rally that was organized by the Oath Keepers. The rally was in support of a veteran who was arrested on January 6th for reportedly entering the Capitol building. Rep. Anthony Sabatini of Florida attended the rally and gave a brief speech. Due to the police’s vigilance, Rep. Sabatini and others who attended the organized event were not harmed in any way. Smith is currently in jail and his bail has been set at $300,000.

This all occurred on January 6th, the day Democrats spent playing theatrics at the Capitol Building. Democrat lawmakers held a vigil at the Capitol building, and both Biden and Harris gave a speech about how Trump allowed an “insurrection” to take place. Democrats are using January 6th as a political weapon to define Trump supporters as threats to our Democracy.

Reporter Jack Posobiec of Human Events sent out this tweet showing members of Antifa setting a fire outside of the White House in 2020 to let everyone know who are the real threats to Democracy are.


Just imagine if Trump supporters lit a fire outside of the White House, the corporate media would call them terrorists and neo-Nazi’s in a matter of minutes. Antifa are not some college dropouts forming a clique, but rather a dangerous terrorist organization that is strategically planning to do harm to anyone that supports Republican values or Donald Trump.

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This story syndicated with permission from My Patriot Post