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2 Big Reasons Why Antifa Isn’t So Terrifying

My Take on Why Antifa isn’t So Terrifying:


Antifa likes to pretend that it’s a group of battle-hardened warriors out to crusade against us deplorables. In reality, it’s a group of weak losers. Just look at this meme from Antifa’s Rose City chapter. Does Stanya look like he/she knows how to fight? I don’t think so. Certainly not as well as real patriots in the military know how to. Antifa isn’t so terrifying.

Stanya from Rose City, the Antifa warrior, shows that Antifa isn’t so Terrifying:

Like this meme shows, Antifa is not that scary. Many other Antifa cartoons portray people like Stana as Antifa warrior-thugs that can fight. They can’t. Sure, Antifa can use bike locks or bear mace to harass and inflict brain damage on unarmed conservatives. But, as the Antifa riots in August 2018 showed, or the recent massive Antifa riot in Portland showed, when conservatives fight back they are easily able to beat Antifa.

When Antifa thugs swing bike locks at unsuspecting Berkeley students, or spray them with bear mace, we young conservatives tend to get angry. Sometimes we’re even fearful because we forget that Antifa isn’t so terrifying once you see its members. So, conservatives should not fear Antifa riots. Instead, we should welcome events like the Antifa riots in August 2018. Why should we welcome those Antifa riots? Because they show two things and are leading to Americans buying more guns than ever as they see that protection from the rioters and Antifa thugs is the main reason why they need an AR-15.

Antifa is full of idiots:

The first thing that those riots show is that Antifa is full of idiots. It is not an organization full of disciplined warriors. No, Antifa is an organization full of people like Stanya that obviously don’t know how to fight. Much less plan an organized fight and then carry that fight out well. That’s one reason Antifa isn’t so terrifying; far from being a terrorist group as organized in the ones in Hunting in the Shadows, it’s more like a club of pampered and bubble-wrapped losers that can’t plan or organize a real attack.

Furthermore, these riots show that Antifa doesn’t stand for anything. People see thugs attacking young conservatives and passive bystanders on TV during Antifa riots in Portland or Berkeley, and ask “what does Antifa stand for?” But, no one can answer. The riots only show that Antifa is made up of an unruly mob and that it has a hatred of the right. Antifa is a group of idiots that stands for nothing other than violence or hatred. Their tendency to riot, inflict horrible harm such as brain damage on unarmed conservatives and prayer groups, shows that. We just need to remember it.


Antifa can’t fight:

The second reason that conservatives should welcome Antifa riots such as those in Portland or Berkeley is that through them we are able to see that Antifa can’t fight. When all we have to judge Antifa by are Antifa video compilations from the Antifa Facebook of them hitting unsuspecting conservatives in the head with bike locks, then Antifa looks like a scary organization.

However, when we are able to watch full length videos of masses of Antifa retreating from small numbers of conservatives, we can see that Antifa can’t fight. Antifa cowards retreat from conservatives at the first sign of trouble. They won’t form a phalanx of Stanyas armed with bike locks and bear mace to fight back against the right; they’ll just run away and hide. Once we fight back, Antifa isn’t so terrifying.

Conclusion to why Antifa isn’t so Terrifying:

Yes, they are a group of evil thugs that represent an abhorrent and evil ideology. However, they’re also weak and not a group of serious fighters. As a conservative college student, I’ve heard other conservatives speak about them. Students and young conservatives from other schools speak about them in fearful, hushed tones because they have only encountered Antifa thugs in passing and while those thugs are kitted up in all black, so they haven’t realized that in reality, Antifa isn’t so terrifying. Luckily my campus doesn’t have many, if any, Antifa members, so I can view their existence from a more balanced and less fearful perspective.

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But other campuses do and conservatives there are scared. They worry that an Antifa member will bash them over the head with a pipe at some conservative event. Or they worry that if a conservative speaker comes to campus there will be riots and buildings will be burned down. As happened in Berkeley last summer. Or Portland in May 2019.

They do not need to worry or be scared because, in reality, Antifa isn’t so terrifying. Yes, some events have been turned into violent horror shows by Antifa thugs. But those are the exception rather than the rule. Antifa cannot really do all that much to fight conservatives other than ambush conservative college students in a cowardly manner, which further shows that as long as you’re armed and vigilant, Antifa isn’t so terrifying. We have reason and logic on our side…plus a higher rate of firearm ownership.

Additionally, just look at who the Antifa terrorists are. Despite the fact that the left is fanning the flames of discontent in America and egging on the Antifa “warriors” like Stanya, we can easily fight back against them because the truth remains that Antifa isn’t so terrifying after all. We conservatives just have to develop the will to fight. For years we’ve let people like “Stanya” from Antifa trample all over us. And for what? Is there any gain? I don’t think so. We need to fight back against them and the cancel culture they use to silence their enemies. Antifa isn’t so terrifying once you see what they really look like.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook