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Antifa is a Terrorist Organization: It Uses Violence to Achieve Political Ends

Why Antifa is a Terrorist Organization

If there’s one thing the recent riots (not protests) over George Floyd’s death have shown, it’s that Antifa is a terrorist organization. While patriotic Americans from both sides of the political spectrum peacefully protested to show their displeasure and disgust with the murder of George Floyd, the Antifa hooligans have been rioting and looting, destroying communities with lighters and thrown bricks.

That shows that Antifa is a terrorist organization; they’re trying to use violence and public terror of their actions to affect a political outcome that they desire.

Of course, just because Antifa is a terrorist organization doesn’t mean that it’s competent as one, or filled particularly frightening members, as I’ve discussed before. Whatever political goal they want isn’t particularly clear, other than they might want democratic socialism and are certainly far-left radicals. Also, they’re definitely a fascist organization. However, the fogginess of their end goals isn’t relevant; they obviously want to affect political change of some sort through violence, which is the definition of terrorism.

So, Antifa is just all-around a bunch of bad apples (I know, understatement of the century). It attacks innocent business owners, burns down and loots shops, and is up to its usual antics of trying to smash the heads of young conservatives. That behavior, in addition to showing that Antifa is a terrorist organization, shows that we need to immediately unleash the police and military upon Antifa to shut it down and make sure it cannot carry out its goal of attacking white Americans in the suburbs.

Antifa's plan to attack the suburbs shows that Antifa is a terrorist organization
Antifa’s plan to attack the suburbs shows that Antifa is a terrorist organization

The looters are destroying our cities. They’re killing our citizens. And they’re burning down businesses in a war on profit, much like the Venezuelan looters occasionally steal from businesses to get products at a “fair” price. Now, we have Americans, led by the terroristic Antifa organization, attacking and looting the businesses of their fellow countrymen.

That’s sad and disappointing. We’re supposed to help and fight for each other, which is what the original George Floyd protests were about, not steal from and loot from each other. But Americans have been hoodwinked by the treasonous and evil members of Antifa because they don’t recognize that Antifa is a terrorist organization; for some reason, many on the left assume it’s actually an anti-fascist organization! As if that’s not the most ridiculous thing they’ve ever heard.

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That’s obviously wrong; Antifa’s actions show that it is a pro-fascist organization and is dedicated to inflicting harm upon ordinary, often conservative or libertarian Americans.

Antifa is a terrorist organization. That’s what attacking people because of their political preferences means.

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So, how should the US respond? What should Trump do about the looters? He should immediately and forcefully send in the National Guard and whatever other military assets are necessary. Tanks, drones, armored fighting vehicles, whatever it takes to destroy Antifa and its hateful, terrorist members. Use police and Special Forces to kill or capture the leaders. Do anything necessary to destroy it.

Send in the National Guard

That might sound extreme to some, but just think about it in the perspective of how we’ve dealt with other terrorist organizations in the War on Terror. Read The Great War for Civilization, Hunting in the Shadows, or Extreme Ownership to see how we’ve treated them with every bit of force necessary to destroy them. That’s because they’re terrorists, not even enemy combatants. Or, in other words, the lowest of the low. They’re not even covered by the Geneva Convention.

Antifa is a terrorist organization. It should be treated just the same as al-Qaeda or ISIS because its goals of political change through violence are just the same in practice as those Islamic terrorist organizations. When we say that al-Qaeda radicals wanted to attack and destroy the United States, we instead stepped in and crushed them. While we perhaps should not have engaged in nation building to the extent that we did, we did, at least, focus on killing the terrorists that wanted to kill us.

Now, we are faced with an even more dangerous situation. Antifa is a terrorist organization. It hates America, wants to attack and kill Americans, and wants to terrify conservatives so that, as Donald Trump Jr. said, the silent majority becomes the silenced majority. And, worst of all, it is now the armed wing of the Democratic Party; Democrats support the riots that are ravaging America and they support the Antifa domestic terrorist organization.

That situation is tricky. On one hand, we can see that Antifa is a terrorist organization that wants to attack and destroy America. But, on the other hand, it is composed of American citizens and has the support of one of our political parties.

So what should we do? What can we do? We should fight back. Perhaps the military cannot because of posse comitatus. But average citizens can. If you are threatened by an Antifa thug, fight back! Don’t be a victim, be a patriot committed to self-defense and defense of your community. We cannot let the terrorists in Antifa succeed in their quest of destroying America!

America needs to wake up to the threat posed by Antifa. It is a group of terrorists committed to harming Americans. Trump must recognize that threat and then use all due force to end it.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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