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Antifa is a Fascist Organization: Just Examine Its Rhetoric and Actions

Why Antifa is a Fascist Organization

In my opinion, Antifa is a fascist organization. What else could you possibly call an organization that glorifies violence against political opponents? Or that works to suppress free speech so that its ideological enemies can’t speak out against it? Those are exactly the sorts of things that fascist gangs like the Blackshirts or Brownshirts did during the rise of fascism in the 1930s.

Remember the set up of Michael Flynn? If that’s not a tactic out of a fascist playbook by the far left, then I don’t know what is. Sure, Antifa didn’t do it, but their enablers in Congress and the corrupt FBI did. Meanwhile, Antifa was acting like traditional stooges of fascist regimes and rioting wildly to cause political chaos, just like the Brownshirts, their Nazi predecessors.

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Don’t believe me? Then just look at any recent Antifa riot, such at the attack on Mr. Ngo or the other events in which Antifa thugs smashed bike locks into the heads of those they disagree with. Anyone with even cursory knowledge of the Nazis or Italian fascists will see that those recent Antifa riots are eerily similar to past fascist activities.

antifa is a fascist organization

Normally I don’t think it is appropriate or useful to call someone or some group fascist. Doing so is often the first indication that one has lost an argument. Normally, only losers resort to the “your guy is a fascist” argument. Not winners. But, in this case, because of its actions, I think it is very obvious that Antifa is a fascist organization that is using violence and evil to silence conservatives.

So, again, usually, it is not useful or a good thing to call people fascists. But, I think things are different in the case of Antifa; they might as well be the main subjects of Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. Writing that Antifa is a fascist organization is not only acceptable but also crucially important because if we don’t, then the Antifa tyrants win. We will have disregarded all of their sins and have let them get away with it. We will have forgotten what makes Antifa different from other political ideologies; its fascist tendencies. The same tendencies towards control and compulsion that are always present with leftists, but only more so.


That difference is because of the very nature of Antifa as an organization. Because Antifa is a fascist organization, it is a threat to America. That is what it is. Its thugs attack conservative students on college campuses with bike locks and bear spray. They shut down free speech on college campuses and attack journalists. Antifa’s violent actions are fascistic and if not checked, will lead to even greater problems for America as the problem spreads and metastasizes throughout society and it becomes ever more obvious that Antifa is a fascist organization and all it wants and cares about is to control conservatives and cause chaos.

The left likes to pretend that conservatives, especially those on the far-right, are fascists and Nazis. That’s entirely incorrect, as Jonah Goldberg points out in Liberal Fascism. Traditionally, progressives have acted more like fascists than any other group in America. They demand certain things, force free speech to be shut down, and hate the notion of complete individual freedom. Just like Antifa members today. In my view, that’s pretty good evidence for the fact that Antifa is a fascist organization.

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Antifa Isn't So Terrifying
A funny looking fascist, but a fascist nonetheless. From:

We have to remember that as we deal with Antifa thugs. Just look what has happened in Portland recently. Is that really what America is now? A place for socialist millennials that don’t even understand socialism to attack innocent bystanders and loot random businesses? I think not.

So, don’t be afraid or ashamed to say that Antifa is a fascist organization. It is. And calling its thugs out on that so that the rest of America knows the truth is crucially important. If we don’t do so, like the cowardly Establishment Republicans currently aren’t, then soon our entire culture might be lost under the crushing tide of liberal progressivism and fascism. But I repeat myself. They’re the same thing.

Antifa is a fascist organization. It hates America. Hates just about everything that we as Americans stand for; free speech, the right to assemble, the right to have different political views than the majority, and the right to live in a nation that respects life, liberty, and property, are all potentially on the chopping block for as long as Antifa has popular support.

What should we conservative Americans do? Start standing up to Antifa and fighting in support of the America that we know and love. Fight back against the fascist Antifa tyrants any chance you get. They are evil people that want to destroy America and turn it into one of the socialist hellholes that they so adore.

Young conservatives are in the best position to start fighting back against Antifa. We are on college campuses and are able to see that Antifa is a fascist organization. Similarly, we know the most about those people and are in the best position to stop them. We need to stand up to them and start trying to stop them.

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