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The Anti-Woke Education Platform

Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars in taxes, and perhaps even more in tuition fees, to send your child to some woke school where they are taught by Marxist teachers and professors to hate America?

Where they study, day in and day out, not useful topics in commerce, great works of literature, and natural sciences, but rather critical race theory hogwash and Marxist propaganda?

Well, so are many other parents. That’s why Matthew Pohl, a former admissions officer at the University of Pennsylvania, started the “American Scholars” project and created an anti-woke education platform.

Here’s what C-Vine reported about it:

“Hundreds of scholars, including some distinguished figures, have applied for positions at an online education startup that promises explicitly non-“woke” instruction in a number of academic disciplines…

Pohl described the project as the fruit of his gradual disillusionment with his career in the academic world, where he drove admissions at several prestigious universities. He noticed that with regard to education, most students weren’t getting their money’s worth, attributing that to the “administrative bloat” of establishment colleges, as well as the spread of quasi-Marxist ideologies that have come to be collectively known as “wokeness.”

He intends the project as an antidote to both. The interactive format of part-lecture, part-documentary video with quizzes, and feedback sessions will aspire to demonstrate that quality learning can be furnished at a fraction of the cost of a modern-day college. Meanwhile, the content itself will be rooted in traditional American values, in sharp contrast to the ideologies currently dominating most universities that promote hostility toward such values.”

The courses will focus on history, the Constitution, the natural sciences, math, writing, business, economics and personal finance, ideological studies, literature, technology science, law, and religious studies and be taught by academics that focus on mastery of their disciplines rather than critical theory.

Additionally, rather than cost the thousands of dollars a semester that many schools charge, Pohl’s anti-woke education platform will only be $19 a month as a starting point and scale up to about $39 a month for premium access.

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Hopefully, this anti-woke education platform will be a way for conservatives to fight back in the culture war and start teaching and learning the truth rather than deconstructionist, leftist lies.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook