October 23, 2020

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Anthropologists Finding all the Genders

Anthropologists Finding all the Genders

Anthropologists Finding all the Genders:

Anthropologists Finding all the Genders

Are Anthropologists Finding all the Genders?

No. They aren’t. I have a friend who is an anthropology major and checked with him. Currently, only men and women are being found, not any of the other 700 supposed genders. Why is that? Well because the other 700 genders don’t exist, of course.

One of my favorite things is to ask liberals is how many genders are there. Or, even better, how many genders are recognized. The subtle difference makes them give a much more specific answer, which I find funnier. Everyone has a different answer, and certainly no one can name them all without looking it up. But we are still federally required to recognize at least 70 of them (which I think is the type of runaway government power warned about in the Anti-Federalist Papers). In any case, how many genders there currently are is insane. It makes no sense, and the descriptions of many of the currently recognized genders are either nonsensical, sound the same as many others, or both. Usually it’s both.

I wonder if there will ever be any success for anthropologists finding all the genders. Some say that other cultures have experienced trying to figure out how many non-binary genders there are. I suppose the answer is infinite if you get to keep making them up. But my guess is that there will only ever be two genders found…men and women. We’ll see. If anthropologists ever dig up an ancient Roman that identified as an Apache attack helicopter, which is, believe it or not, one of those many “recognized genders,” then I guess I’ll stand corrected.


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