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Living In An Alice In Wonderland World

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.” Lewis Carroll, Alice In Wonderland

“If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there.” Lewis Carroll

We’re Living in an Alice in Wonderland World

The Green New Deal is appropriately named. It is about money. Lot’s of money? Who’s watching the check book? Follow the money.

What are the supply side and demand side economics by which the tyrannical Green New Deal is being evaluated?

What are the technologies leading the way? Who are the leading companies to supply those technologies? In the next five years, how much of the Green New Deal depends on China? How much money goes to China?

When it comes to American company participation, how proven is their material science and process technology so that quality products can be mass produced at a competitive price with few inwarrenty service calls?

What does the supply chain look like? Who controls it?

What does the go-to-market infrastructure look like? After sales service and support?

The last time the Obama/Biden Team invested money in a Green New Deal, what was the ROI? Who profited?

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China is the world’s leader in Green technology. Why are they investing billions in coal fired plants?

Follow the money!  

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False Narratives Take Flight

I don’t think…then you shouldn’t talk. Lewis Carroll

The Georgia Election Law is a return to Jim Crow. That’s President Biden’s read, even though he didn’t read the Bill. He divined it’s content. Just like the CEOS at Delta, United and American.

This lie exposed our worst angels. The Identity Politics that divides us.

Stupid adds up. One hundred and ninety million dollars. But there is more than a loss of income happening in the Peach State, there is a loss of our humanity as we attempt to color code God’s crowning achievement. You and me!

We all bare the stamp the signature of our Creator. Dignity is every persons birthright. We are losing  who we are as a people. We are losing who we are as a person created by God.

What should it matter that one bowl is dark and the other pale, if each is of good design and serves it’s purpose well? Polingaysi Qoyawayma, Hopi

When it comes to major league baseball, a wise New Yorker once observed; It gets dark early out in left field.

Delta and United have proven that even with the lift from Bernoulli their corporate flight plan is lost in a fog of self deception and self contempt.

Delta’s slogan Keep Climbing should now read, Flying Blind and United’s slogan instead of The Friendly Skies should be, United Is Not Our Thing! 

Let’s not forget American Airlines that has scrabbled to join the hear no evil, see no evil crowd; Up, Up and Away. Far Away From Home.

But Hunter Biden is no longer flying under the radar. The Justice Department must have released him from their witness protection program. Last fall, many in the media helped to hide both Hunter and the identity of the BIG GUY. Now the media has given Hunter the all clear, nothing to see here, so he joins Cuomo in a How to Make a Million book deal.

More gun regulations on their way.

How did Hunter Biden get a gun? Current laws should have prevented him from acquiring a gun. But he got one.

Worry about the deficit, not me! The ice cream in Nancy’s refrigerator will never melt. And that means there will be ice cream and cake for everyone. Well, almost everyone. 

The illigal aliens streaming across our boarder now have a jumped to the front of the line. That means a triple scoop for them and one scoop for the rest of us depending on your political affiliation. Unfortunately, America’s homeless will have to rely on their foraging skills to retrieve their next happy meal from a nearby trash can.

Don’t worry about your kids back in school, President Biden has a goal in mind. As soon as he gets the approval of the Teachers Union he will let us know when back to school is safe.

By: John Tammaro

Image at top from: QuoteFancy

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