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America’s Under-Incarceration Problem

The simple fact is that America, whatever the libertarians and leftists claim, doesn’t have an over-incarceration problem. Far from it, in fact. Rather, we have a severe, near-debilitating under-incarceration problem.

Before continuing, I’ll recognize that there are, of course, other problems at play. The breakdown of the family unit as described by Charles Murray in Coming Apart is a major problem, as is habitual drug use, as is the decline of religion in the public sphere. Thanks to the “Great Society” programs and reforms that devastated the American family and the left’s constant war on religion, America has become an amoral nation full of some very bad actors and lots of broken homes.

But, even with all of that in mind, America’s severe crime problem mainly stems from an under-incarceration problem.

Rather than arrest criminals and keep them locked up, cops arrest thugs, gangsters, and other such examples of villainy and then Democrat-run “justice” systems let those criminals go, as Newsom is doing in California. Bail reform, especially in big cities such as NYC, has turned once-thriving and vibrant metropolitan areas into crime-ridded warzones where gangsters shoot out their differences on street corners, law-abiding citizens hustle off the streets at the first signs of dark, and commerce slows to a crawl.

And that’s when the cops even bother nabbing suspects in the first place. In many cities, such as Baltimore and Atlanta, the governments are so anti-cop that the police don’t even both to do their job and risk getting in trouble for forcefully subduing a violent criminal. That problem is so bad in Baltimore that businesses are threatening to not pay taxes until the city deals with it.

Whether the cause is “bail reform” or cops not doing their jobs, the end effect is the same; criminals are left out on the streets and allowed to continue preying upon law-abiding citizens, ultimately causing the decay of once-great cities.

They rape, murder, and steal, facing no consequences for whatever depravities they inflict upon their betters. Commerce slows to a crawl and then halts entirely, destroyed by vicious criminal activity. Cities deteriorate as the businesses within them close and those with means flee. Criminals take over the streets and lawful activity is replaced with drug use, homelessness, and all manner of disgusting depravities.

The solution is simple. It is to lock up or execute criminals. Were we to give violent criminals their due and publicly hang them by the neck until dead, there would be no violent crime. Those who engage in it would be removed for good and the entirety of the citizenry could see that the wages of crime are death. Were the pickpockets, thieves, and other non-violent criminals flogged and then locked up for a long time in intolerable conditions, it is unlikely they would continue engaging in unlawful activities or that the youth would seek to emulate them.

Yes, the families have to be rebuilt and investment dollars might help some impoverished communities. But, more than anything else, America needs to address its under-incarceration problem and start locking up or hanging the thugs that prey upon their innocent fellows.

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There was a time when one could walk around London, New York, or any other great city of the civilized world without worrying about crime. That time was the Victorian Era, a time before men became soft. The police would bludgeon those committing property crimes and the system would lock them up, doling out severe punishments so as to ensure justice was served and to help the criminals rethink their paths.

Then men got soft and weak. They let women repurpose the justice system, replacing punishment with “rehabilitation.” Crime went up. Cities were no longer safe or clean, criminals caused all the problems they are now causing, and the victims did not receive the justice they had every right to demand from the state. Thanks to that weakness and the under-incarceration problems caused by it, we’re still having problems. It’s time to return to a harder era and save America from the depravities of the thugs now running her cities.

By: Gen Z Conservative.