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The Nature of America’s Orwellian Surveillance State

Both Big Government and Big Business monitor you, collect the information they gather, and weaponize that information against you. At the present, there seems to be some daylight between the Rose Garden and the boardroom but it is closing. Fascism is described in Wikipedia as:

an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization” I disagree very strongly with this definition. Fascism is most often associated with Nazism which is seif-defined as National Socialism, the giveaway is the word socialism which is most commonly associated with communism and what links all of them is governance from the top-down. A king, a dictator or a politburo determines the direction he or she wants his or her country to go in which necessarily dictates what the subjects, deplorables or comrades must do to enact these orders.”

This notably was played out in Chinas’ one-child policy, a horrific policy enacted by dictator Deng Xiaoping.

To try to curb Chinas’ enormous population. Whether or not it affected population growth dramatically is subject for debate but what is undeniable is that couples aborted or killed hundreds of thousands to millions of girl babies so they would have one male child.  When Dengs’ ‘reforms’ failed to produce prosperity, the civilians started to decouple from the planned economy, leave the communes and work small individual farms, not being able to stop this the government took only 20% of the crops, a tremendous economic windfall to the peasants.

Unfortunately, the CCP took credit for all of the prosperity, and while not taking all of the wealth they took all of the freedoms and privacy by monitoring its people and making all transactions digital. While this does seem convenient to some they are able to control how you live, going as far as limiting how much toilet paper was allowed to be used in public stalls.

But there are many other examples of attempts at a planned economic system to govern supply and demand all of which ended in different degrees of disaster.

Governments have been monitoring and restricting offshore tax havens for decades. They believe the money you have worked for paid taxes on and saved is their money and they want to know where it is so they can take it from you or tax you based on you assets.

The government has KNOWN for that amount of time that the monetary system based on debt/credit was going toes up and have been planning on being the only guys in the life rafts for that amount of time. Our only choice is to fight, to reject their next debt Ponzi scheme and force a system of sound money on the US. Otherwise, we will be forced down the path to the Great Reset where “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” But, of course, you probably won’t be happy.

But all of this is just a prelude to what is planned for the West and for the entire population of the world except for those that are planning. I believe that, like in George Orwell’s novel 1984, even the highest-ranking and most powerful of the ‘New World Order’, as they have termed it, will become subject to the restrictions and deprivations of their plans.

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In that book, even the main antagonist, O’Brien, was only allowed to turn off the monitoring device for a short period. Who knows what would have happened to him if he disobeyed Big Brother in that respect. It is never stated but left to the reader to imagine what his overseers were allowed to do, either by even higher-ups or by convention and expectation, like Middle Age kings and nobles being subjects of church doctrine and societal dogma.

And so it is for us to live within a society that seeks to monitor us in all public and as many private situations as we allow. The New World Order seeks ,through depopulation and restriction of freedom, to organize our society into manageable pods. Concentric areas of control, personal, home unit, immediate surroundings, work situation and recreation allowance, to manage the lives of every human to more greatly increase our efficiency in service to the greater good. The greater good being determined by them, the Davos elites at this time, but will be replaced by the entities that are spurring them to enforce the current round of restrictions on we the people.

Whatever your vision of the hierarchy of power in the world today, I will ascribe it freedom vs control, there will be consolidation of the forces of control because they cannot allow freedom to flourish within their ranks.

Therefore, anytime there is an outbreak of free thought among the controlling elites it must be crushed. Witness for example ‘Cancel Culture’, as long as all of those that deem themselves worthy to judge are moving as one they feel powerful and righteous but as soon as there is disunity or a voice that doesn’t conform to the current doctrine they must pounce on the offending unit and cancel them. So if a formerly orthodox leftist says something heretical because they missed a memo or the orthodoxy changed and they were excluded, canceled, with no reprieve or forgiveness.

This is what the micro example looks like but on the macro level, enforcing heterodoxy is more complicated but seeks exactly the same ends. To accomplish these ends societies, some more than others, are adopting overarching surveillance and enforcement techniques such as social credit scores, restriction of movement and eventually incarceration or worse.

China is loath to talk about their Uyghur population but reports have leaked out about concentration camps complete with sterilization and organ harvesting for those who don’t do as they are told, or in the case of the Uyghurs for just being.

And this is the model that many in the West and even in America are committed to. If you think you will be spared by the totalitarian control advocates if they gain control I would like to present the example

So now in the most modern of examples of collecting information/evidence of wrong think, in the West, are smart tv’s and a little convenience device named Alexa. “Alexa, turn on the Cosby show” and magically your command is taken care of. Immediately you can tell that I don’t watch much television, first, Cosby was the only example I could think of and if it were on somewhere Alexa would probably have searched through 1000 tv stations to find it.

But what would happen would be your choice would be logged by an algorithm that would alert advertisers that they needed to bombard you with everything, product placement, mailing list promotions, and a subscription to tv guide?

The point is that all of your devices are connected to the internet which is connected to everyone else on the internet and some of those are nefarious actors, some are spy agencies, some are corporate bullies with their own reasons for wanting your search and viewing histories. And while all of the good actors, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, etc. are probably not more interested in you except in so much as the number of dollars they can separate from you there is the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, CDC, WHO and state and local police forces who through one means or another can find out a gazillion things about you.

Not to mention coerce and/or hack the innocuous companies collecting your data. ‘I have nothing to hide’ says you, these days you don’t have to hide something just say something that could be interpreted as anti-vax or pro-life and you could be the subject of discrimination or a doxxing campaign that might cost your job or worse.

I could go on and on about terrible possibilities that are possible, some more possible than others, but you probably have some secret fears about big government or big tech or any boogie man of your choosing but the facts are clear that whether you agree with the controllers that say all this is necessary for your safety or convenience that with a couple of small changes that you would never hear about the ‘traffic cams’ could be reconfigured to monitor the population, the devices that we interact with everyday such as you cell phone or your computer could be weaponized against you to lock you down and track you until the Covid police come to hustle you off to a reeducation camp for your own safety. Just ask Australians how quickly freedom can be taken in the name of keeping you safe.

By: David Gignac