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America’s Freedom Has Slowly Been Eradicated

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” ~ The Declaration of Independence, July 4th 1776

Where there is life one will always find a glimmer of hope for better things to come, and as we prepare to celebrate another 4th of July, many Americans are hoping and praying that we can stop Her descent into tyranny, though normal channels and checks and balances, and perhaps even convince the hardcore proponents of our Marxist/ Maoist population of the error of their chosen path. And although we have slowly managed to stop those enemies of freedom and liberty in many regards, there has simply been too many people raised in America or allowed entry who hate Her more than one can imagine, and an incredible number of men and women in the federal and state governments are now facilitating an anti-American agenda and an actual war to end our founding.

The Continental Congress voted in favor of independence from Great Britain on July 2nd 1776, and the thirteen colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776. The early Colonists had fewer grievances against King George III in 1776 than Americans currently have against our own federal government and many state governments too.

Looking at the current disastrous situation we are enduring in America, we have arrived at a juncture that can only be described more destructive to our “unalienable Rights” of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness than anything we’ve seen in American history. And as such and as directed by our Declaration of Independence, since governments are instituted by the consent of the people, “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

For decades Americans have witnessed our Inalienable God-given Rights regularly attacked and suppressed by illegal “laws”, rules, regulations and mandates, but especially over the past twenty-one years from the passage of the Patriot Act to the present. Democrats and Republicans alike currently seem to have little problem violating those rights, as we recently saw them join hands to further erode the 2nd Amendment and due process through an unconstitutional “red flag law”, and in 2017, the FISA Reauthorization gave the National Security Agency the authority to spy on all Americans rather than the foreigners entering, as HR76 also gave government agents the authority to execute warrantless searches of homes and businesses within hundreds of miles proximity to the D.C. Metro Rail System.

More regularly too, Americans find themselves being targeted by “laws” that criminalize their actions, even tho’ those actions harm nobody, not even themselves. Why must a grown man be forced by the state to wear a seatbelt, as if he were a child too incompetent to decide safety matters for himself? Other so-called laws are just plain arbitrary and made because some fat bureaucrats got bored and fancied themselves smarter than the average American.

We are much less free today in America in too many ways to list, and so I am inclined to sit this celebration out. To celebrate the 4th in 2022 would only dishonor the memories of so many fine American patriots who fought and died in the defense of real freedom and liberties as viewed through the original intent of the Founders. Surely those who fought to preserve our Bill of Rights and our sacrosanct Inalienable God-given Rights are rolling over in their graves today.

The simple things in life have been made exponentially more difficult by those haters of America, who destroy American hopes and dreams for small miracles. Too many in our country can no longer tuck their children in at night well-fed and clothed and safe from harm, as young mothers desperately search for baby formula — suffering a shortage due to government interference and inaction. Business owners are too often coerced into paying bribes to corrupt elected officials. We no longer have any certainty of fair and free elections or that our votes will be counted. We can no longer think and write our thoughts down or state them out loud without hearing a knock on the door from the FBI, and we can no longer participate in the political process without fear of retribution from our opponents when power lays in their hands.

If Americans were truly free, everybody’s Inalienable God-given Rights would be protected and defended in such a way as no real harm was done to anyone and everybody could live and let live. We wouldn’t see a regime in place that seeks freedom and liberties only for itself and the adherents to its ideology, while imposing the most draconian, arbitrary measures and a double standard of law against its opponents.

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Free Americans would not have allowed themselves to be placed into a yoke of subservience to a three to five percent minority of the queer, transgendered movement and those American Communist Party apparatchiks granting the LGBTQ movement privilege rather than equality under the law as biological men and women in a manner that defended all Americans’ rights. We would not have harmed Christian families and conservative Americans’ rights in so egregious a manner as to see the sanctity of marriage defiled through “same-sex” rules and biological males who identify as “female” allowed into the women’s locker rooms and restrooms to the detriment of society and traditional America on the whole.

If Americans were truly free we would not always be paying some new exorbitant tax for government failures that subsidize corporations deemed “too big to fail” and cause the backdoor tax of inflation, while sending trillions in stimulus checks to everybody but the Americans who need real help — even sending billions to foreign nations as a result. Taxation would be virtually non-existent, and people would keep most of their earnings to use as we see fit.

If we were really free, we wouldn’t find thousands of gun control laws all across the nation in every state. Everybody could carry concealed firearms to defend themselves in those times a policeman is nowhere to be found. And crime against the innocent would drastically decrease, because no one would know who was armed.

In a truly free America, the government would only oversee those things actually enumerated by the Constitution and the rest would be left to the American people. We’d control our own currency through the U.S. Treasury rather than illegally empowering a group of private bankers called the Federal Reserve Bank to use American tax dollars as their own personal slush fund and place trillions upon trillions of debt upon America’s Children from now ’til eternity, eroding our savings and our futures through one economic collapse after another and massive inflation.

Free Americans wouldn’t allow an illegitimate Biden regime to destroy its energy infrastructure based on the lies of climate change and Goreisms and the unattainable goals of the New Green Energy Deal, which is largely an American Communist Party [read Democratic Party] ploy to collapse the economy completely and force Americans into their arms and their vision of a communist utopia that means the death of traditional America and many millions of Americans, too.

And that’s just scraping the surface of where America now stands.

Up until somewhere after the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11th 2001, most Americans still pretty well seemed to believe that the special inheritance of liberty married to equality under the law was a remarkable creation and a source of great pride for all Americans, especially given the fantastic strides made in Civil Rights after 1964. We viewed our inheritance of liberty as unimpaired and undiminished, taking joy in its origins and protecting and defending it as something to pass along to America’s Children and all future generations.

Our liberty that is so characteristically, peculiarly and altogether American, with nothing known to man having previously existed in past empires or the most enlightened kingdoms of antiquity, and for many generations, American principles and virtues served Her people well, appreciated by strong, independent men and women until something called Marxism infected our society. And now, America’s freedom and liberties are threatened and endangered by a parasitic, demon-spawned disease of the mind and a Marxist / Maoist ideology detrimental to one’s spirit that leads to weakness in all segments of any society infected by its tenets, an ideology, that kills strength in individual men and destroys independence to advance the collective, consuming and destroying entire nations as seen across the span of history.

No. I cannot celebrate so proud a moment in America history as the 4th of July so long as America lays under the hard grasp of would-be conquerors — the anti-American, anti-God, anti-Family American Communist Party aka the Democratic Party — who are destroying Her in unbelievable and terrible ways with each passing day. I can’t celebrate freedom and liberty in America after just witnessing gross, high-handed despicably tyranny from our elected officials during the pandemic; I can’t celebrate a national holiday based on how we won our freedom, when so much of our freedom and liberties have already been eroded, suppressed and eradicated for all practical intent and purposes, and it would seem like celebrating America’s surrender.

If anything, I’ll drink a beer, or two, eat a hot dog with mustard and piss on the photos of Biden, Kamala, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, and a few other traitors to America, as I enjoy a huge bonfire, already fueled in the backyard and honor the iron-willed men of the Founding who fought and died in the War of Independence, and all who died afterward in wars against fascists and communists. And I’ll pray America still has that caliber of men and women who are remaining vigilant and prepared to take up arms when it proves necessary in the face of so intransigent a population that now supports the American Communist Party, even as we keep trying to peacefully resolve our differences in our fight to preserve true freedom and liberty for all Americans.

I’ll celebrate the 4th of July once all of our Inalienable God-given Rights are fully restored and properly defended and protected, in a manner that prevents any other rogue regime’s ability to so egregiously flaunt and disregard U.S. law in order to enforce anything that goes against America’s founding principles to the level of treason, in their attempt to completely transform the country, by erasing everything She was founded upon. I’ll celebrate when every damned communist is run to the ground and out of America or finally has a come to Jesus moment and a true conversion to the founding principles of America.

On July 4th 1986, President Ronald Reagan stepped in front of all America and noted:

“Fifty-six men came forward to sign the parchment. It was noted at the time that they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honors. And that was more than rhetoric: each of those men knew the penalty for high treason to the Crown. ‘We must all hang together,’ Benjamin Franklin said, ‘or, assuredly, we will all hang separately.’ And John Hancock, it is said, wrote his signature in large script so King George could see it without his spectacles. They were brave. They stayed brave through all the bloodshed of the coming years. Their courage created a nation built on a universal claim to human dignity, on the proposition that every man, woman, and child had a right to a future of freedom.”

Reach deep down and find whatever courage you have in the coming months, since the war we fight today is for our freedom and liberty here and now and for those same rights for America’s children. The current war of ideas, may soon turn hot, but we’re fighting to determine if any asylum will remain on earth that safeguards civil and religious liberty, and we’re fighting to prevent America from entering a thousand years of darkness and a new deadly age of the slavery of men.

Americans who love this country must reject those anti-American, anti-God advocates, who run America from behind the curtains in the Oval Office, and reject Red Joe Biden’s authority and his evil apparatchiks, fools and knaves as they continue to lie and manipulate the truth regarding the issues and the many crises America faces. However much damage these communists do, in destroying all we love, until we can remove them through legal mechanisms or by force of arms, keep rebuilding those things to which we’ve devoted our lives and hold on, even tho’ all one may have left is the will to ensure that a truly free and independent sovereign America emerges from the ashes of this chaos. And then let’s restore America to Her former glory and the exceptional way Her principles and virtues always guided the American people in order that successive generations will actually be able to celebrate America’s Independence for centuries to come.

by Justin O Smith