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End Game: America is Approaching the End of Its Rope

End Game: If we can stipulate that Joe Biden is a cat’s paw installed by some globalist entity then it all starts to make sense. The hobbling of our domestic energy industry in favor of a Russian pipeline to enslave Europe, leaving our foothold in western Asia, abandoning our allies and leaving airbases and who knows what other military infrastructure, weapons, ammunition, equipment, including aircraft and untold human assets.

Joe Biden might not be capable of imagining what the outcome of leaving Afghanistan in the middle of the night was but the people who engineered this debacle, plandemic and all, certainly are.

We now have a well-armed Taliban with no resistance to reuniting with Al Qaeda or Iran or Pakistan or China. If India is feeling boxed in and lonely, they have a damn good reason to. Australia and New Zealand have shown their cards locking down their unarmed population again on the heels of absolutely no real surge in Covid. America has abandoned the stage and I would warn Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines to be ready to be abandoned too. The capitulation of Taiwan is a foregone conclusion even in the American press and very few in Congress have said anything other than to show their bewilderment. Have the corporatists convinced everyone, except the large contingent of MAGA-inspired patriots, to go along with the great reset, “nobody can stop what’s coming”? A term that was also promoted in the Q psy-op, to pacify the people who love the thought of a behind-the-scenes entity with the individual freedom espoused in the Declaration of Independence and codified in the Constitution also in their hearts.

The people who year after year financed military and clandestine infrastructures large enough to fight a two-ocean war and protect the homeland and our way of life from all enemies foreign and domestic. Breaking News: We have been stabbed in the back. To get a handle on this I would recommend reading History of the Deep State by Jeremy Stone for an excellent description of where we are and what has been the behind the scenes of what has led us to this place. Spoiler Alert: Nobody who seeks power likes a free people.

And if you think the US is pulling back to reorganize, Soviet Union-style, one look at the current leadership of the military should dispel that notion. Our education system is a willing participant in the neutering of our nation, with the tacit adoption of CRT and Transgender Story hour, and by default Western Civilization, because face it, there is no one to uphold democracy and even less a republican form of government if America falls.

Canada is in on it. With a smattering of negative press and then silence when the Biden puppet regime abandoned Keystone XL in favor of more costly and a more pollution friendly way of moving their oil to market by truck the globalist metrosexual looking Trudeau seems perfectly happy to putz around, Gavin Newsome style, virtue signaling about mask mandates and locking down churches while allowing unvetted Muslims to congregate in ‘no go’ communities, like in Europe. What do you want to bet American weapons are right now making their way from Afghanistan to our northern border where, amidst an unarmed Canadian populace, they are planning Jihad?

We have well-documented evidence of an invasion at our southern border where we help the globalists, like George Soros, spread the attack to the heartland on buses. You can bet MS-13 has a direct pipeline to captured weapons of war. Real weapons of war, not scary looking black AR-15’s.

Next on the menu: Scary looking Jihadis or revolutionaries with face tattoos showing up demanding your children.

I am not declaring defeat but if we are going to fight back, we had better get on with it.

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By: David Gignac