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Americans are Growing Tired of the Narcissistic Left

Have you sensed the growing change in mood among the American populace?

It used to be that people just put up with whatever the narcissistic left was doing. Perhaps a few jokes would be made at their expense, perhaps a cable news host or two would make a minor remark about how spoiled they are, but mostly people would just stay silent and let it happen.

Occupy Wall Street happened and no one much cared, if a few jokes were made about the long-haired losers occupying a park without effect. The race-baiters and critical theorists (before they were known as such and became infamous) preached their anti-white, anti-Western dribble in companies and schools with nary a real response from alumni, board members, or average people.

It all just happened and most people went along with it, deciding to keep their eyes down rather than deal with the headache of confrontation.

That meek attitude continued even as the narcissistic left got worse and worse. BLM and Antifa burned down cities every night to protest the death of some career criminal in the Midwest, and people made excuses for their inexcusable behavior. Petty tyrants across the nation insisted that we wear masks, close our businesses, and stay at home, and most people just went along with it.

But then things started to change. Small business owners snapped out of it and showed up at their stores, opening them up and protecting them from looters. The masks came off and the parties started again. Antifa, BLM, and CRT transitioned from talking points on my corner of the far-right to major issues that most of the country stood against.

And that momentum, like a boulder rolling down a hill, kept the awakening going.

Suddenly, people no longer had any more patience for CRT-crazed lunatics propagandizing to their kids and they started showing up to school board meetings, protesting the insanity and anti-Americanism of it all. All of the sudden, when people were told to put on a mask in a store, they didn’t just ignore whoever was telling them what to do, but instead started snapping back. When athletes made anti-American comments during the Olympics, they were widely mocked and berated. When Antifa starts rioting, the Proud Boys show up. When the Democrats stole the election, patriots stormed the Capitol.

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Sure, civil society is lost, but fire is finally in the eyes of freedom-loving patriots. They finally see the narcissistic left for what it is and aren’t willing to put up with its self-pitying nonsense any longer. Perhaps freedom and liberty can be saved.

They’re done with it all, the left won’t have any free ground upon which it can tread any longer. For each step it tries to take, each new front in the culture war it tries to open, someone will be there. Yes, those brave souls that step up to plug the breach aren’t always the most eloquent of speakers. Sure, Jan. 6th might have been a step too far. But at least we’re not giving them free victories anymore. At least, now, when the left tries to wreck the country there will be someone there to try to grab the wheel.

Now is the time. If you still silently suffer under the whip of leftism, if you still remain quiet in the hope it’ll all go away, now is the time to stand up and live free. The battle won’t be won on its own; you have to fight for it.

But it can be won. The Marxists can be defeated. You just have to open your eyes to the nature of the narcissistic left and start fighting back.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on  Facebook