New Poll: Americans are Opposed to China’s Policies, Want the US to Respond

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Though our military leaders might be more concerned with the angry sun monster than Red China’s military buildup and escalation of military tensions, especially in the Taiwanese Strait, average Americans aren’t so sanguine about the massive threat posed to the US and her interests by the ChiComs. A recent Rasmussen poll found that the overwhelming majority of Americans view Chinese policies, especially its use of concentration camp-like slave labor, with horror and want the US to respond.

According to the poll, which tallied the responses of 1,200 registered voters, a massive 66% of the population believes that China needs to be held accountable for its slave labor policies. Only about a quarter of those polled disagreed:

Sixty-six percent (66%) of voters believe it is important for the United States to hold China accountable for its abuse of the Uyghur Muslims. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 11% disagree and say it’s not important. Twenty-two percent (22%) are not sure.

Those totals include 37% who think it’s Very Important to hold China accountable and 4% who say it’s Not at All Important.

And, while those results are already quite high (when was the last time 66% of Americans agreed on anything?), Rasmussen’s analysis of the results indicates that even more Americans would be concerned if they knew more about China’s genocidal policies:

The desire to hold China accountable may be reduced somewhat by the fact that relatively few U.S. voters are aware of how China has abused the Uyghur Muslims.

That analysis is supported by an earlier poll, conducted back when Red China’s genocidal policies were in the news, that found that a full 80% of the US population thinks the CCP needs to be held accountable for its evil policies, namely the Uighur genocide and spread of Covid-19:

Data released earlier showed that 80% of voters think it is important for the United States to hold China accountable for its use of slave labor and other human rights violations. Additionally, 60% believe it is important to hold China accountable for the spread of COVID-19.

Overall, the breakdown of the poll results found that a substantial majority of Americans are concerned about China’s policies, with only a few remaining unperturbed by the CCP’s genocidal policies.  When asked “How important is it for the United States to hold China accountable for its abuse of the Uyghur Muslims?,” this was the result:

  • 37%    Very important
  • 29%    Somewhat important
  • 7%    Not very important
  • 4%    Not at all important
  • 22%    Not sure

The results of that poll were corroborated by another poll, conducted around the same time. It asked “A proposal has been made that would prohibit the U.S. government from entering into contracts with any entity the relies upon the use of forced labor in China. Do you favor or oppose this proposal?” and found that:

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Sixty five percent (65%) of voters favor prohibiting the U.S. government from entering into contracts with any entity the relies upon the use of forced labor in China. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found 15% oppose such a ban and 19% are not sure.

The totals include 36% who Strongly Favor such a proposal and 4% who are Strongly Opposed.

When asked how companies should respond to China’s policies in a second question, this is what the poll found:

Sixty-two percent (62%) believe it should be against the law for companies in the U.S. to purchase or sell any products made by forced labor in Chinese detention camps.

That same poll asked a third question, “Preventing the United States government and companies from relying upon forced labor might increase the cost of some goods in the U.S. To boycott products made with forced labor, how much would you personally be willing to pay in higher costs?” These were the results:

  • 27%    Nothing
  • 23%    $10 a month
  • 13%    $25 a month
  • 9%    $50 a month
  • 6%    $100 a month
  • 22%    Whatever it takes

So, almost 75% of the American populace is willing to pay more if it means pushing back against China’s genocide, with almost a quarter of the populace willing to pay whatever it takes to punish Red China. If only Brandon would take the threat as seriously as the population he supposedly represents. CHINA DELENDA EST!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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