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6 Reasons Why Americans are Better Off Under Trump

My Thoughts on Why Americans Are Better Off Under Trump

A recent, Earth-shattering poll from Gallup found that 56% of Americans recognize that Americans are better off under Trump. Or, more specifically, it is the opinion of 56% of Americans that they are better off now than they were four years ago. They have seen his accomplishments and the effects of those accomplishments and have seen that they are doing better because of him.

Why is that? Why are Americans better off under Trump? Well, the answer is complex and multi-faceted, and any article on the subject will likely miss a few factors about why Americans are better off under Trump.

But, I do think that there are six main reasons that Americans are better off under Trump than they were under Obama, and I will attempt to describe and support them in this article. For those that don’t have time to read through the full, ~2,000 word article, those reasons are:

  1. Trump has cut taxes, thus freeing up billions of dollars to be invested in productive, private programs and businesses rather than spent on frivolous government programs.
  2. Trump has slashed regulations and regulatory agencies, thus making it easier for businesses to earn money.
  3. Under Trump, unlike Obama, we allowed the military to do what was necessary to defeat ISIS.
  4. Trump has focused on the actual threats to America- China and Iran- rather than surrender our interests in the Middle East to Iran and avoid dealing with the problem of China while instead pretending that the emaciated nation of Russia is somehow the same threat it was during the Cold War.
  5. Trump has gone after the Deep State and drained the swamp
  6. Trump has prioritized American workers and helped them regain their place in the economy by creating trade deals that encourage companies to bring jobs and capital home and has stopped the flow of illegal immigration, which was draining capital from the economy and depressing the wages of American workers.

So, those are the reasons why Americans are better off under Trump. Enjoy reading the rest of the article if you want to see the evidence for my assertions!

1. The Trump Tax Cuts Have Helped Make American Lives Better

The first, and perhaps most important reason why Americans are better off under Trump is that he cut taxes by pushing through the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. That act, as Mike Pence said in his recent debate with Kamala Harris, has put thousands of dollars back in the pockets of American workers. As further evidence, according to USA Today, 82% of middle-income earners — those with income between about $49,000 and $86,000 — received a tax cut that averaged about $1,050 in 2018, the Tax Policy Center estimated. Tax cuts are good for all, and since Trump cut taxes, Americans are better off under Trump.

So, the TCJA helped all Americans by putting money back in their pocket that would have instead gone to wasteful government programs. But, that’s not the only way it made Americans better off.

The other, and perhaps more important, way that the TCJA helped Americans was by dramatically lowering the corporate tax rate and establishing a new deduction for S-corps. That cut of the corporate tax rate from ~35% to 21% helped make our businesses more profitable, which in turn boosted investment returns and helped companies hire more workers and pay them more.

Additionally, it made America a more competitive location for businesses, as it cut our corporate tax rate from one of the highest in the civilized world to one that is closer to the average. The result of that is that businesses are bringing capital and jobs back to America and spending more on Capex, which will in turn result in new jobs.

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Finally, the TCJA meant that Americans are better off under Trump because it is morally right. You have a right to keep what you earn and the TCJA made that much more possible.

Higher taxes are bad for the economy and, under Obama, they were far too high, just as they would be under Biden. Trump realized that cutting taxes is part of the magic formula of economic success and used that knowledge to cut taxes and make Americans better off, both economically and morally.

2. Americans Are Better Off Under Trump because Trump Slashed Regulations

Regulations are a plague and strangle the economy. Once-profitable businesses have to deal with government mandate after government mandate because of the vast reach of regulatory agencies like the EPA and SEC. Even worse for business, the mandates of those regulatory agencies are both very expensive and quite difficult to challenge because of the Chevron Deference doctrine, so businesses bleed cash due to them and are unable to do anything about it. In summary, regulations distract businesses from their primary purpose, making money, and make them bleed cash in ways they can’t avoid or fix.

Trump, a businessman, recognized those problems and used his power to slash regulations. In fact, “Between FY 2017 and FY 2019, the Trump Administration has cut nearly eight regulations for every new, significant regulation.”

deregulation is one reason why Americans are better off under Trump

Even better, “The Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) estimates that this pro-growth approach to Federal regulation will raise real incomes by upwards of $3,100 per household per year. In fact, 20 of these actions alone are expected to save American consumers and businesses over $220 billion per year. Moreover, the CEA estimates that, by 2026, Safer Affordable Fuel Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles will reduce the quality-adjusted price of a new vehicle by $2,200.”

Take a moment to read and think about those benefits. Americans are better off under Trump because of his war on bureaucrats and the regulatory state. His administration’s focus on slashing regulation and empowering you to live your life the way you see fit, as the American Creed says you should be able to, has made your life far better and our economy much more prosperous.

3. Trump Defeated ISIS and Brought (Relative) Peace to the Middle East, thus Making Americans Better Off

The next reason Americans are better off under Trump is that, unlike the weak-kneed Obama Administration, Trump set out to defeat ISIS and then detach America from the region (to some extent, at least), which has brought peace to the Middle East.

Under Obama, the US was deeply but ineffectively involved in the “Great War for Civilization” in the Middle East as part of our ongoing War on Terror. We had tens of thousands of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with an air campaign against ISIS in Syria and a drone campaign in Pakistan, but those troops were prevented from winning. The Air Force could not bomb ISIS targets it needed to, we lost ground in Afghanistan, and we prematurely pulled out of Iraq and allowed ISIS to rise.

Trump, on the other hand, did what was necessary to defeat terrorism and then bring peace to the region, which is why Americans are better off under Trump.

He first unleashed the Air Force and Marines against ISIS, allowing them to hit the targets they needed to, significantly weakening the organization. Then, once it was defeated, we pulled most of our troops out of Iraq and Syria, with only enough there to keep the situation stabilized, but not enough to be a major burden to the armed services, which more ore less ended the American era of intervention. More importantly, when attacked, those troops have been allowed to defend themselves, as happened when we killed Soleimani and bombed Russian mercenaries into oblivion in Syria.

Finally, Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, worked to establish peace in the region. Because of Trump, Israel has peace deals with the UAE and Bahrain, peace talks are ongoing with the Taliban, and ISIS is no more, which has made Iraq more peaceful.

Those military victories and peace treaties mean that Americans are better off under Trump because a) their loved ones aren’t dying in foreign wars b) Israel is at peace, thus decreasing the likelihood of a regional conflagration and c) the world can see that America will do what it must to defend its interests and defeat its enemies, but won’t waste time, blood, or resources or nation-building.

4. Americans are Better Off Under Trump Because He Has Dealt with Real Threats

The fact is, Iran and China are the two most dangerous nations for America, not Russia, despite the lies of the Obama Administration. Iran is ruled by Islamic radicals that could cause a nuclear holocaust to bring about the end of times and has engaged in terrorism around the globe. It is a real threat. China is an authoritarian nation with a huge and rapidly growing economy and military that aims to do anything possible to end US hegemony. Russia, on the other hand, is a declining nation with an insignificant military budget and is not ruled by suicidal maniacs.

Americans are better off under Trump because he recognized that reality and dealt with the world as it is, rather than the way he wanted it to be. We’ve sanctioned Russia, but done little else as it is not a priority.

On the other hand, we have re-instituted a maximum pressure campaign on Iran, aligned the Gulf against it, helped limit its reach in the region, and prevented it from acquiring more effective weapons, such as nuclear bombs. Similarly, we have recognized our new Cold War with China and the fact that China is evil and responded by fighting a trade war with it, limiting the reach of Chinese companies like ZTE, and gathered a “Quad” of allies to help us defeat it in a future war.

Because of his foreign policy decisions, Americans are better off under Trump. We are fighting the right nations by punishing them economically and building useful relationships, rather than by following the policies of Bush or Obama and wasting money, blood, and precious time in the quagmire of Iraq or in needless confrontations with Russia.

5. Trump Is Draining the Swamp, thus Returning Power to the People

The FBI is corrupt, as is the rest of the DOJ and much of the Democrat-controlled bureaucracy. That corruption meant that the “Deep State” had the true power in Washington, not our elected representatives.

Trump realized that and has done his best to fight back against it. By firing corrupt traitors like Brennan and Comey, exposing the corruption of the Deep State, and fighting them at every turn, Trump is limiting the power of the bureaucracy and returning power to the people. That means that Americans are better off under Trump; now they are the ones in charge, not corrupt and unelected bureaucrats.

6. Trump is Helping American Workers, which Means that Americans are Better off Under Trump

Trump pulled out of the TPP. His administration renegotiated NAFTA. He has worked on bilateral agreements that favor America. Trump has limited illegal immigration, making it drop ~90%. All of those policies mean that Americans are better off under Trump.

Because of him, American workers are helped by our policies, not illegal immigrant unskilled laborers or the owners of sweatshops in faraway lands. Thanks to Trump, wages are not depressed by foreign laborers and jobs are open to Americans, not “guest workers.”

Those policies might be “non-politically correct,” but they have helped Americans. They led to the lowest unemployment ever for many segments of American society, rising wages, and increased American prosperity. If Trump has more time to solidify those policies, then American workers will be even better off. With Biden, their situation will decline precipitously.

Conclusion: Are You Better Off than You Were Four Years Ago?

Before Covid hit, were you better off? Did you have more cash in your pocket, more job opportunities, and/or better investment returns? Were your friends and family members in the armed forces coming home rather than dying in some damn-fool war in the Middle East? Did you feel we were focused on the right things rather than the wrong ones?

The answer, likely, is “yes” to all of the above. That is because Americans are better off under Trump. He revived American prosperity and improved our situation on the world stage. That’s why we need to keep him in office.

By: Gen Z Conservative