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American Sovereignty: Immigration Can Be Beneficial, But Assimilation Is Required

The time has come for us to decide if this country is a sovereign nation or an organizational experiment, a joint venture in which all other countries and people are voting shareholders. The “One World” enthusiast’s theory is that America shouldn’t be a sovereign nation at all, but rather a place blessed with incredible opportunities where many nationalities formed a melting pot and achieved successes far too great to belong to only one country.

Following that concept, today many immigrants and liberals believe America is common ground, up for grabs.  They believe the very format of the American Way of Life is, and should be, constantly evolving by welcoming diversity, and that America’s sovereignty is not really an issue.

Many of us have a big problem with those concepts. In general, Americans do not believe that their country is a free buffet where all can come and partake of the goodies and then spit in the face of the host. Most Americans believe that if an immigrant does not like our cultural model or doesn’t accept capitalism as the economic model, he or she should not come here. And if you prefer to live in a theocracy, under Sharia Law, America is definitely not for you.

Most Americans expect immigrants to accept our established culture, our ideals, and principles, in short; to fit in.

And Americans see themselves as the keepers of the key who deserve to continue to dictate the country’s destiny. We are suspicious of those who come to America intent upon changing this country under the guise of diversity, but with a 2.1 national birth rate we do welcome those who come to contribute to the continuation of the culture and ideals that have made this country great.

Yes, America was built by immigrants, and we welcome other nationalities, as long as their objective is not to alter the very fabric of our society. 

In recent years our immigration lines include many persons bent on reshaping our way of life to their preference, as if it were open season on America.

First, they take advantage of our tolerance and later, with their foot firmly in the door, they demand their will prevail under our own constitution. Some of them make it all the way to our Congress.

Through no fault of their own, most immigrants today come from countries that never really got their act together, countries where confusion, strife and corruption are the order of the day.   

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But on the other hand, as we have learned, it is simply not true that all those desiring to come to America are necessarily noble and deserving, nor is it true that our infrastructure can support all those who want to come here for a better life. We are already straining under the cost of social programs and several states are insolvent.

We must control the flow of immigration or America will be pulled down to the quality-of-life level of the countries the immigrants are now leaving. We must accept the fact that we will never be able to provide a refuge for the whole world, and we should also recognize that actually, if we wanted, we could pick and choose those who we want to admit based on criteria that are good for this country.

Those of us who have survived combat defending America’s sovereignty, freedom, and liberty are saddened that many of our fellow countrymen are reluctant, even embarrassed to support the preservation of things we fought for.  Instead, they favor immigration policies that threaten America’s sovereignty.  Some now consider the American Flag a symbol of imperialism and insist it be removed from our college classrooms and even from our front yards.

By David M. Zeckser. Article syndicated from Blue State Conservative

David M. Zeckser is a Former Major, Infantry, U.S. Army, and a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative.