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The American Public Can No Longer Insouciantly Stand By as Its Liberties are Attacked

I’ve done my best, with this admittedly small platform, to warn people about the darkening clouds on the horizon. I’ve warned that the government is treading on your rights, discussed the anti-freedom ideology of the left, and launched broadside after broadside against the gathering socialist menace that is headed by that doddering old fool, Bernie Sanders.

And beyond complaining, I’ve said how to fight. Boycott leftist companies and buy from conservative alternatives. Treat the culture war as a total war and raise the black flag when dealing with leftists. Fight now and never look back. Jump into plans like the silver squeeze to crush leftist-run banks and hedge funds while also enriching yourself. In other words, do whatever it takes to fight like hell and destroy those that hate you, whether they be individuals or companies.

As a reminder, the leftists we are fighting want to demolish every aspect of our once-great nation. They’re pushing anti-white, Critical Race Theory-based training on employees in seminars like the “be less white” Coca-Cola training. They’re turning the military woke, demanding you wear a mask wherever you go, restricting your travel, putting men in women’s sports, and trying to disarm you. These people want to destroy your concept of liberty and disarm you before pushing pile after pile of woke bullshit on you.

They corrupted the election, burned down businesses for months, and slander us by calling us “racists” or “fascists.” Oh, and they want you to take some experimental vaccine to fight a disease that only kills fat people. Yet worse, they won’t stop until they’re defeated or are, God forbid, victorious.

Unfortunately, the majority of the American public has remained as insouciant as ever. The vast majority of people on the right and moderate left sit idly by as the radical leftists in the Biden Administration attack liberty at every level, from trying to ban “assault weapons” (whatever they mean by that utterly meaningless phrase) to trying to put elections forever in their favor with HR 1 to even banning Menthol cigarettes!

Now, I fully understand that Camel Crushes do not a revolution make. But just think about what it means that they want to tell you what flavors of tobacco are acceptable to smoke.

The other actions of the Biden Administration, as abhorrent as they are, can at least be understood. The Democrats hate that you can defend yourself with a gun (which means you’re not entirely reliant on and at the mercy of the state), so they want to get rid of the effective ones. They focus on power politics, not inculcating virtue and respect for our republican form of government, so HR 1 can similarly be understood as an attempt at solidifying their power. But banning flavored cigarettes? What the hell is the purpose of that?


There is no purpose other than them getting to flex their power. It’s the same thing as the masks, vaccine, and any other “public safety” measure they purport to support.

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Focus on, if you can, the Orwellian-sounding phrase “public safety.” It makes their intentions all too clear. “Public safety” isn’t about keeping the public safe in a way that also respects liberty. It’s about some bureaucrat sitting on the fifth floor of an ugly building built in the brutalist style of the 70s telling you what to do. It’s about those goons getting to decide what is best. And, for some reason, they think that banning highly popular cigs would be a great way to flex that power. Perhaps they’re right. It’s attacking life and liberty at even the smallest level.

But I digress. The point isn’t that Americans need more cigarettes (although, I might add, more nicotine might help us deal with our obesity epidemic). The point is that the Democrats are attacking liberty at every level, from the major to the mundane.

Every single day, you hear the same talking heads parroting the same DNC talking points. “Guns are bad, why do you need such a dangerous, ‘military-style rifle?”‘ “Cigarettes are bad, why do you need to smoke them?” “Elections are safe and secure, how dare you say otherwise?!” “Hate speech isn’t free speech, what gives you the right to say mean things?”

And so on. Whatever the mumbled words that tumble out of their drooling mouths are, they all boil down to the same simple phrase: “Shut up and obey.”

Shut up and wear a mask.

Shut up and get the Bill Gates vaccine.

Shut up about Epstein.

Shut up about the 2nd Amendment.

Shut up about the tragic death of Ashli Babbit.

Shut up about voter fraud.

Shut up about your rights, we know best!

That’s what they want to say, but generally refrain from actually saying. The elites with utter contempt for you are not concerned with your safety, if they were they’d support the police, encourage exercise, and encourage you to buy a handgun. No. They want to control your thoughts, speech, and actions. As William Buckley said, liberals are only interested in compulsion.


Well, I say NO MORE! No more masks. No more gun control. No more irresponsible printing of fiat currency. No more anti-white training. No more brushing issues that hurt Democrats under the table. The American public can no longer insouciantly stand by as its liberties are demolished by the Tyrant in Chief.

That means you’ll have to fight, and it’ll certainly be uncomfortable. When someone yells at you for not wearing a mask, you’ll have to respond in kind and do your best to trigger them further. When they try to take your guns, you’ll have to ensure they remain in your possession, whatever that requires. As they inflate our currency, you’ll have to buy real money, like gold and silver. When they say to shut up about something, such as the Hunter Biden emails, just yell about them all the louder. Post articles on your social media. Never back down from an argument. Fund causes (such as this one) that speak the truth or wage lawfare against the left. Never back down, never give them an inch, and certainly never surrender.

The cost of not doing so is the loss of liberty forever. As John Adams once said, liberty, once lost, is lost forever. It can’t be restored, at least not without a violent struggle. The choice is between putting yourself in uncomfortable situations now or fighting the Civil War: Part II later. I’d certainly rather boycott a few companies I dislike already and keep arguing with leftists. We can’t insouciantly sit by. It’s time to fight like hell and save America.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook