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“American Progress?” Answers to This Question Should Have Biden Very, Very Worried

If someone asked you whether or not you think you’re better off right now than you were a year ago, what would your answer be?

Other than hysterical, Joker-like shrieks of laughter, you’d like have an answer similar to the vast majority of Americans slumming it during the Biden era, and say not a chance in hell.

I mean, not with explosive inflation, an unstable economy, and nonstop political division, running rampant through the country.

“Purely from the United States’ standpoint, I don’t see a whole lot of difference from last year to this year,” one man, Steve, went on to say, according to a report from Fox News.

Another woman, Tara, stated, “I’m sorry, is that a rhetorical question? American progress?”

“Yeah. I see gas prices progressively going higher,” she added. “You know, I see our economy progressively going worse.”

A woman named Laura spoke with Fox News and said she thinks that the country is probably in the exact same spot it was in last year.

Another man, Tom, gave a similar answer, saying, “I think we’re marching in place.”

Here are a few more details from the Fox News report:

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poll I&I/TIPP published this week found fewer than one-in-five Americans said they were “better off” than this time last year. The poll asked respondents: “Generally speaking, is your family better off today than it was one year ago, worse off than it was one year ago, or about the same as it was a year ago?”

Of the respondents, 42% said they were “worse off,” 36% said they were “about the same” and 3% were not sure.

“Progress like in the forward direction? I don’t think I’ve seen it,” Alan, a Navy veteran who hails from the state of South Carolina, said to Fox News. “The cost of living has gone sky-high.”

“First home buyers can’t afford houses. Interest rates are going up now because of inflation,” he said. “To me, that doesn’t mean that there’s forward progress going on.”

“Economically there hasn’t been much progress simply because of inflation,” a man called Kent stated. “It’s been tough on everybody.”

Look, there’s never going to be any sort of progress made as long as Democrats have Congress and the White House. None whatsoever. Nada. Zilch.

Let’s hope that Republicans pull off some major victories and prevent this nightmare of a president from doing further damage to the country.


This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather