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2.5 Million American Jobs Given to Foreign Youth

2.5 Million American Jobs Given to Foreign Youth


Gen Z conservatives are in the hot seat to make Washington D.C. legislators listen up.  From 2007 to 2017 there were a whopping 2.5 million American jobs given to foreign youth under the CPT (curricular practical training) and OPT (optional practical training) programs rather than to U.S. citizen college students and graduates. In other words, CPT and optional practical training have led to 2.5 million American jobs given to foreign youth.

This is the second guest article written by Hilarie Gamm, an excellent writer. She is the Author & Co Founder of AWC, and wrote a book called “Billions Lost.” In this article, Hilarie will describe the Optional Practical Training  program and what the problem with optional practical training is for young Americans. She will describe how government policies and corporate greed have led to 2.5 million American jobs given to foreign youth. An incredibly scary and frustrating statistic. -Gen Z Conservative

Check out her article on optional practical training here:

The Job Stealing Programs:

CPT is used during college for foreign students to get a job while studying in the U.S.  On campuses across the country, U.S. students are struggling to find employment to make some extra spending money while many times their friends from foreign lands studying alongside them are given first shot at some of the best jobs on campus. Part of that difficulty comes from the fact that in one year alone, 2017-2018, there were 2.5 million American jobs given to foreign youth.

After graduation, OPT, gives those same foreign students access and opportunity to get jobs even when their grades, English language skills, and test scores don’t measure up to their American peers.  American children are left behind while their foreign friends are getting jobs under OPT.

Once OPT ends, F1 students either take another course of study to extend their OPT, or their employer applies for H1B status so the OPT F1 worker can remain and work in the U.S. indefinitely.

Mainstream media would like everyone to believe the false narrative that American children are too stupid, un-motivated, or unskilled to take the jobs being given to their foreign peers.  The fact is – American children – Gen Zers and Millennials – are smarter, more tech savvy, more motivated and better equipped to succeed in every job that is being given to the foreigners.

In 2017 Amazon, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM and Apple were the biggest employers of CPT and OPT labor.  Hiring F1s under CPT or OPT means those companies can employ the foreign labor for less money than they would have to pay Americans, the same benefits and laws do not apply to CPT or OPT workers, and neither these employers or their CPT/OPT foreign employees pay FICA taxes translating to a 15% savings for each and shortchanging the U.S. Social Security and Medicare Programs by over 2+billion per year.

Those programs are already unsustainable, so why are we in a situation where there were American jobs given to foreign youth that will soon leave, thus further limiting the tax base?

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Other leaders in CPT & OPT hiring like Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse Coopers, all employ thousands of H1B workers as well.  These companies all prefer to hire cheap foreign labor rather than homegrown talent, which means that there are more American jobs given to foreign youth.

Big Tech and Mainstream Media will keep crying about a “shortage” in qualified candidates when the reality is there is no shortage in American qualified candidates – it’s just a lie to get Congress to keep passing laws allowing foreign labor to take jobs and opportunities away from American kids.


Every Gen Z conservative should spend 1 minute sending a note to their Congressman demanding that they co-sponsor HR 3564 the Fairness for High-Skilled Americans Act.   Every Gen Z conservative should also multiply their effect by getting their parents, grand-parents, Aunts, Uncles, siblings, neighbors and friends to also contact Congress in support of HR 3564.

HR 3564 – The Fairness for High Skilled Americans Act was created in response to the pro-foreign legislation called HR 1044 – The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act – which seeks to end diversity in immigration by enabling only a few countries and companies to monopolize U.S. immigration to the exclusion of all others.

How OPT works and gives American jobs to foreign youth
How OPT works and gives American jobs to foreign youth From:

Foreign lobbyists are calling and speaking to U.S. Congress every day – yet Americans remain silent.  American children are losing out on education and job opportunities, and without speaking up now, they will lose their chance for a better tomorrow.

Gen Z conservatives need to make some noise in D.C. about the American jobs given to foreign youth. Gen Z conservatives can spend minutes today for a payoff that will last a lifetime.  

The Gen Z generation of Americans should communicate to Congress the need to pass laws that put Americans first for education and employment.  If Gen Z does not speak up soon – Gen Z will be doomed.

To learn more, or for help in reaching your legislators, please contact the author – Hilarie Gamm, at

By: Hilarie Gamm

Image at top from: Yale


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