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America Was Made Possible by Patriots with Firearms

The left frequently claims, as a twisted excuse for its blatant attacks on the 2nd Amendment, that guns aren’t particularly effective at stopping a tyrannical government. As President Oatmeal recently put it, what use is an AR-15 when the government could nuke you or take you out with an F-15?

Forgetting, for a moment, the likelihood of America’s armed forces turning their guns on patriots, let’s examine that line of thought for a moment; was America made possible by patriots with firearms or by a timid populace begging the crown to set them free?

Democrats would have you believe that the latter is the case. While they don’t claim that the Revolution didn’t happen (although they are trying to replace it as the beginning of America with 1619), they do hint that the lesson from the revolution that a well-armed populace can take on the government and win shouldn’t be part of the popular conscience any longer.

They attack civilian ownership of “military-style weapons,” forgetting (or more likely ignoring) that the brave patriots of Lexington and Concord were civilians using “military-style” muskets to fight off the redcoats.

In reality, America was made possible by patriots with firearms. It was because citizens could own cannons, own muskets and rifles as good or better than those of the redcoats, and train regularly as militias that the revolution could be sustained until a well-trained, professional army could be fielded.

“But,” they say, “that was in the past! In the modern-day, no citizen army could defeat a professional army, much less the American military!” Examples disproving that contention abound, but the most recent is Afghanistan.

For 20 years our military struggled in vain to subdue the Taliban. As shown by the military’s recent, ignominious retreat from that backwater, bullets fired by a militia-like force can defeat smart bombs and mechanized forces. It just takes brains and brawn.

So, don’t believe leftist lies. Don’t surrender your blaster to Emperor Palpatine just because he has a Death Star; you should never surrender your weapons. Rather, fortified with the knowledge that America was made possible by patriots with firearms, respond to attempts at gun confiscation the same way the Spartans replied to the Persians: “Come and take them.” Technology might change, but our rights as free men don’t.

By: Gen Z Conservative.

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