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America Desperately Needs Leadership Right Now

What Americans Need More than Anything: Leadership

I don’t want to sound melodramatic when talking about America’s current situation. While things are bad now, they’re largely the result of self-inflicted wounds and should not prove disastrous. Or, at least they shouldn’t under normal circumstances. If we return to sanity and find a leader who can unite and guide us, then the current issues we’re facing will be quite surmountable.

The election results should have been scrutinized in a court of law, not the partisan court of public opinion. The refusal of courts to do so created problems that could otherwise have been averted.

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The lockdowns were a terrible idea from the start and, due to their overly restrictive nature, increased the temperature of national anger at a time when it needed to stay low. When leaders should have stepped up and defended the right of their citizens to conduct free and independent commercial transactions, most instead backed down and kept their states closed unnecessarily. As a result, people got angrier and angrier and businesses were closed en masse.

The riots, now a product of both the far right and far left, should have been condemned by the left in the same manner that the right has condemned all riots. The left’s hypocrisy and refusal to do so has caused tempers to flare on both sides, both online and offline.

Meanwhile, long term problems have also gotten worse, also by our own hand.

Social media censorship, a problem since Alex Jones was disappeared from the web in 2018, has grown demonstrably worse in recent months. First, the Big Tech companies, the enemies of freedom, prevented the spread of the Hunter Biden email story. Then, after the election, Twitter, Facebook, and most other social media sites banned Trump, kicked off Flynn and Powell, and canceled countless other conservative accounts, including mine. Now, conservatives are backed into a corner and might have to boycott Big Tech.

Similarly, the national debt has increased tremendously because of irresponsible spending on both sides. We have deficits because the government spends too much, yet it spends even more every year. When Vince Flynn wrote Term Limits, he imagined political violence because of a five trillion-dollar deficit. Now it’s almost $30 trillion.

What’s the cause of all of those problems? A lack of leadership. Neither side has presented a leader that could unite the country and get us out of this hole we’re stuck in. When Britain was in its darkest hour, Winston Churchill, the Last Lion, stepped up to save it. No such figure has yet risen to prominence in America.

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Biden is a blabbering fool that couldn’t even remember he was running for President rather than the Senate. His administration will be composed of far-left radicals. They’re neither leaders nor are they willing to make compromises and unite the country. AOC is calling for a list of Trump supporters so that she can punish and intimidate them, after all.

The Republicans, meanwhile, have also collapsed into a leaderless mass of anger. Trump, silenced by the tech tyrants, has been more or less AWOL since the Jan. 6 riots. McConnel stabbed Trump in the back and then disappeared from the public eye. Hawley and Cruz did the right thing with the election certification, but have since also been out of the spotlight. No one else has stepped up or stood out.

With a leader, all of the aforementioned problems would be eminently solvable. The deficit could be cut and a balanced budget established. The social media companies could be dealt with as Poland is now dealing with them- fining them millions for each post they censor that did not contain illegal speech. The election results could have been investigated in a fair manner and problems uncovered could be fixed. States could stand up for their citizens and crackdown on rioters while lifting the tyrannical lockdowns.

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Other than the debt problem, which is largely a result of past programs that have since become sacrosanct and uncuttable if politicians want to get re-elected, those problems would not be that difficult to fix. We can tamp down on riots. The temperature of the natural conversation could be lowered. Various policy issues could be fixed if we had any leadership at all.

We often focus on the wrong things. I know I do. Clickbait-type articles draw far more interest than posts about real issues. That can be a hard cycle to break. The 24/7 nature of the very problematic MSM doesn’t help either.

What we should all be focused on now, regardless of party affiliation, should be finding a leader who can unite us. China is the enemy. Radical Islamic terrorism is the enemy. Socialism is the enemy. Our well-meaning countrymen are not.

Leadership is the missing element in America. When we had great leaders who exhibited the best qualities of the Western world as Lincoln, Eisenhower, JFK, and Reagan did, America was at its best. We rose in prominence or maintained our place on top of the world.

But our leaders have been declining in the critical quality that makes them effective: leadership. Carter was weak. HW Bush wasn’t great, but at least he tried to cut the deficit. Clinton was more interested in remaining popular and having sex than leading the country. Bush was weak and dominated by his VP, who remained focused on invasions and interventions. That team didn’t lead, they dragged the country to war. Obama was the worst of all; he didn’t lead us, he intentionally weakened and divided us.

Then Trump came along. He had the potential to be a leader, but often couldn’t get his foot out of his mouth. I thought his policies were excellent, but he should have done more to at least unite a coalition, if not the country. But, at the very least, he tried to be a leader, even if he didn’t succeed.

Now we’re in a leadership vacuum. No one has stepped up. Trump is charging at deserted windmills, trying to right past wrongs in his final days. Biden is senile. Outspoken Democrats like AOC and Kamala are incompetent hypocrites. Outspoken Republicans are unconvincing to most Americans.

America needs leadership. Now is the time for someone to rise up and lead us out of this present path of darkness. If we fail, it will be our own damn fault. All we need is a modicum of leadership. The country that can’t produce that doesn’t deserve to exist. I think we can still produce it. We just need to find it. We need someone who embodies the qualities in Extreme Ownership.

By: Gen Z Conservative