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America Must Defeat Pedophile-Sympathizing Democrats Mercilessly

Human life has always been lived on the edge of a precipice.” ~ C.S. Lewis

The LGBTQ community and the manner in which it has acted so militantly against America’s founding principles and the core morality of Christianity, in all areas of American society, has always been something gross and repugnant to me, as they sought privilege and government validation forced upon all society, over the simple equal rights under the law that everybody already has, as biological men and women.

My perspective is holistic and aimed at the movement that still persists today, that forced Americans to recognize “same-sex marriage” as legal, as the unhinged lunatics took over the asylum called “the U.S. Supreme Court”.

Yes, I full well realize there are probably many homosexuals who are pretty much decent people for the most part, but there is a massive portion of this movement that advances the evilest things imaginable through their Queer Theories that target the youngest, most vulnerable of society, as they seek to indoctrinate Kindergarten and elementary age children to believe that being homosexual or transgendered is normal and groom them to be turned queer themselves.

It’s as though its a recruitment campaign underway to grow the ranks of the LGBTQ community in America, so they won’t feel so all alone in the miserable lifestyle that they feel compelled to hype and glamorize, if simply because it does represent the most depraved, sick, perverted, deviant segment of society.

When we look at the recent bill that Governor Ron DeSantis signed to prevent teachers from discussing gender identity and sexual orientation through the third grade and the furor it caused among the LGBTQ community and Disney World as being “anti-gay”, it becomes apparent that this is precisely what is at play.

They are all groomers, right up through the ranks of some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in our country who seek unparalleled access to our children’s minds and imaginations, in order to sexualize them and advance their gay agenda well before they have any clue at all about any matters regarding sexual relations, long before they are mentally mature enough to handle such topics.

This is evil and Satanic, and it’s occurring this very moment across America. And no one who holds America’s traditional core nuclear family values dear should be taking this lightly or shrinking from the fight for the children’s future in the manner of a coward, just because the battle may be tough and will certainly be heated.

As a young man, I’ve been told I was quite handsome, not the homely ol’ rascal I’ve grown to be, and although I have always been a straight, heterosexual, lady-loving man, I had more than one occasion to be propositioned by some very queer men in my early teens. One man I’ll call “Bob” worked for Town & Country Ford in Murfreesboro, TN and had a wife and two boys, who were my classmates, and he propositioned me when I was fifteen and working Friday and Saturday nights at the Smyrna Country Club, as a bar-back. I immediately and quite harshly rejected his offer, disgusted and angered by it.

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And I wasn’t the first young male he’d approached. I found out later he had actually had a homosexual “affair” with another boy who attended Smyrna High School and had bought him a car, in order to keep it going.

A couple of years later, while visiting in Cincinnati, a priest at St Rose Cathedral approached me for sex, which I firmly declined. And so, I grew to despise these snakes in the grass who are always lurking about like the predators I know them to be, waiting to see if they can get some youth they perceive as approachable, for whatever their reasoning, to go along with their despicable, reprehensible and lascivious designs.

Virtually every homosexual I ever knew in my many years here on earth didn’t care if his next sex partner was a minor child or not. Most of these people are narcissists and only interested in immediate self-gratification, which isn’t to say that they don’t form semi-monogamous relationships. But their initial mental illness leaves them prone to jump at any and all opportunities for a sexcapade if they like the new prospect’s looks.

As the father of two intelligent, successful and beautiful daughters, now grown, I would have beaten any grown man senseless, if he had approached my daughters for sex, when they were teenagers. He’d be lucky if I didn’t kill him and toss him in Percy Priest Lake. And now, with two young granddaughters, my position hasn’t changed.

There aren’t many parents in America who would currently suggest that we as a people shouldn’t be protecting and shielding our youngest minor children from some sexual knowledge, especially when its presentation is deviant in form and intent and does not hold true to any biological fact or science. Most parents do not want their children confused by suggestions that their biology means next to nothing, and they sure don’t want them groomed to think that sex with adults is normal.

But recently, one transgendered teacher, Ryan Skyer, born female but identifying as male, took it upon herself to explain her deeply flawed and troubling view of gender and how one may see one’s self with a group of Kindergarten through second-grade students in an “Identity Share” Zoom video that was placed on Twitter on April 10th, 2022. She basically told them that gender was a matter of a doctor’s guess and that sometimes they guessed wrong, adding that is what happened in her case.

This is the sort of idiocy that the Biden regime and the National Education Association say passes for “teaching”. Good Grief.

In May of 1977, the Chicago Tribune reported on a national pedophilia ring that was organized to lure young boys into prostitution and pornography. Many other papers, like the New York Times, also carried the story at the time. The end results were several laws passed by Congress to hand down significantly lengthy prison sentences and fines for child pornography.

Prominent homosexuals who are currently driving the Biden regime’s advocacy for this mess in American schools have long been active, in much the same manner as Gayle S. Rubin, author of the essay ‘Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality’, who noted the aforementioned news stories and wrote the following in 1984, on page 146, seeming to be more concerned for the pedophiles than their victims:

Although the Supreme Court has also ruled that it is a constitutional right to possess obscene material for private use, some child pornography laws prohibit even the private possession of any sexual material involving minors. The laws produced by the child porn panic are ill-conceived and misdirected. They represent far reaching alterations in the regulation of sexual behaviour and abrogate important sexual civil liberties. But hardly anyone noticed as they swept through Congress and state legislatures. With the exception of the North American Man/Boy Love Association and the American Civil Liberties Union, no one raised a peep of protest [emphasis is mine].

A new and even tougher federal child pornography bill has just reached House-Senate conference. It removes any requirement that prosecutors must prove alleged child pornography was distributed for commercial sale. Once this bill becomes law, a person merely possessing a nude snapshot of a 17-year-old lover or friend may go to jail for fifteen years, and be fined $100,000. This bill passed the House 400 to 1. [Oh … Cry me a river … please].

The experiences of art photographer Jacqueline Livingston exemplify the climate created by the child porn panic. An assistant professor of photography at Cornell University, Livingston was fired in 1978 after exhibiting pictures of male nudes which included photographs of her seven-year-old son masturbating” [emphasis is mine].

Just what sort of deviant, perverted freak has their seven-year-old child masturbated for them in front of a camera? This absolutely is not moral or normal behavior, not in any remote sense of the words.

However, if some studies are to be believed, thanks in large part to the constant haranguing and in our face style of the LGBTQ Propaganda from 1970 to the present, the ranks of the gender-confused have swollen to the point that supposedly one in ten students identify as gender diverse, at least in one Pittsburgh school district in a study that had only 291 participants. Other national estimates places that number significantly lower at approximately two percent, but to hear the LGBTQ movement, everybody and his brother wants to be Queer now, or something other than what they were at birth.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Beccera is taking the lead in this war against America’s children, as his agency supports every vile and evil bit of Mengele-style medical practice one cares to review in regards to those children who are actually suffering from gender dysphoria or have been coerced, prodded and persuaded to believe that they are “transgendered”. On April 6th 2022, he acknowledged in testimony before the House Budget Committee that he is 100 percent in favor of taxpayer-funded transition operations for minor children.

In documents released on March 31st 2022, the Biden regime revealed everything is on the table from puberty blockers and hormone treatments to mastectomies and breast implants and surgeries on one’s genitals and sex organs to “help” children change their sexual identity. It is even willing to trample on parents’ rights as the legal guardians and force these medical monstrosities to be allowed under threats from the U.S. Department of Justice in a letter signed by Kristen Clarke, Assistant Attorney General, even though Biden’s assertions are flat wrong and unconstitutional themselves.

It’s worth mentioning that according to several different studies, at least ten percent of those people who receive sex-change operations live to regret having done so.

No amount of de-transitioning can undo the damage of these modern day Mengele medical experiments, which makes it ever more critical that the welfare of a child is left to his or her parents, until such time they come to adulthood and can make an informed and educated decision for themselves. It’s critical that little boys are allowed to be boys and little girls to be little girls, before they choose something that might bring even greater sadness and mental health problems with it.

Don’t let this Biden regime and the mainstream media continue to gaslight America and make America’s children suffer irreparable physical and psychological damage for the gratification of delusional Democratic Party Marxists seeking to destroy the traditional family and misguided and equally deluded parents who have lost their own moral compass at some point along the way.

This disease that has become so prevalent in the American left, that hypersexualizes children at the behest of those like “Admiral” Rachel Levine, assistant secretary of health, is merely just one component of the Marxist-Maosists’ wider agenda to promote moral relativism, societal perversions and sexual deviancy, as some sort of enlightened state of being “progressive”. These sexual politics are merely one more line of assault, against the entire American culture and our virtues and principles, and another method of forcing the fundamental transformation of America, as laid forth during the Obama years, as they shove porn, perversion and sexual predators upon our families and condemn those of us who dare to oppose them and stand firmly in their way as bigots.

This authoritarian Biden regime refuses to listen to the everyday, regular and normal American regarding a commonsense approach to this issue, as it doubles down with its authoritarian approach and the further facilitation of the extreme and most militant aspects of the LGBTQ ideology and its Queer Theory crap; and as such, decent, good and moral Americans, strong and sane men and women, must win this fight to save the little bodies, hearts and minds and souls of our most vulnerable little children with the right message and legislation, perseverance and resolve and will, to stop this evil from taking its hold on our children and whatever future they might have. Americans must harness their anger and defeat these pedophile-sympathizing Democrats mercilessly.

by Justin O Smith