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America Must Avoid the Virus of Socialism

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Why America Must avoid the Virus of Socialism

As I recently wrote about in my article on the Coronavirus and socialism epidemic in China, socialism is a virus. It strikes communities and turns once-thriving nations into hollow shells of their former selves. Nations that once thrived and prospered because of capitalism turn into broke, miserable places full of starving people and political prisoners. Post-World War II England is a prime example of that; the birthplace of Adam Smith, the founder of capitalism and writer of The Wealth of Nations, turned into a socialist hellhole. For that reason, and others, America must avoid the virus of socialism.

Capitalism and Freedom and The Road to Serfdom are two books that show perfectly why America must avoid the virus of socialism. When capitalism is allowed to thrive in a society, that society’s citizens produce almost miraculous levels of wealth. But, when socialism is the economic and political system, scarcity is the norm rather than the exception and countries are stagnant and miserable.

There are many reasons for that, of course. One is that socialism is inherently a Big Government system and corruption is inextricable from Big Government policies.

Another is that socialism destroys one’s incentive to work; if there is no profit motive, then why would anyone work hard to build a company? They wouldn’t.

There are many other reasons; socialism’s authoritarian nature, the incompetent bureaucrats that tend to be promoted under socialist systems, the fact that socialists don’t understand economics, and how lazy moochers are easily able to take advantage of the system.

So, America must avoid the virus of socialism. Communists and incompetents like Bernie Sanders and AOC are dangerous for America; their proposed policies would tear apart the very fabric of the nation. We can’t let that happen.

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