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America: Open To All Illegal Aliens Today

The United States borders on all points of the compass were pretty well secured under President Donald J. Trump, even in the face of a massive movement within the Democratic Party, to obstruct secure borders and any plans to end illegal immigration at every opportunity, largely through two and a half years of lawsuits; and, regardless of the propaganda, Trump’s border and immigration policies have nothing to do with the current mass exodus from Central America.

The responsibility for this crisis of humanity lies solely with Joe Biden and his advisors, who seek to use illegal immigration as a political weapon and a means of turning multiple U.S. states into strongholds of Democratic Party voters, in order to hold and wield power in a manner that goes against everything America has traditionally represented, as Samuel Huntington wrote about in Who Are We.

The bigger issue at hand is the fact that the Biden regime holds power today.

Conditions haven’t changed to any great degree over the past century, in the Northern Triangle Area of Central America that includes Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, except that annual earnings are up slightly, and yet, Biden points to violence, poverty, earthquakes and hurricanes as the explanation for the exponentially larger increase in Central Americans and many other nationalities, including Chinese, Iranians and thousands of others from around the globe, amassing on the southern border, in numbers not seen in twenty years, numbers projected to reach some two million by the end of this year.

Following new Biden administration directives, in February, Customs and Border Protection allowed nearly all of the Illegal Border Crossers in family units that it encountered on the southern border to remain in America, as they awaited an immigration judge’s ruling on whether or not they would be allowed to stay permanently, and the word has spread like wildfire back home. According to one illegal alien who was interviewed by ABC’s Martha Raddatz, he crossed the border illegally, because Joe Biden was “elected president”, as he also noted that he would not have tried if Donald Trump was still in office. 

During a March 23rd press conference, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the President of Mexico, stated:
“Expectations were created that with the Government of President Biden there would be a better treatment of migrants. And this has caused Central American migrants, and also from our country, wanting to cross the border thinking that it is easier to do so.”

Well folks, it certainly is being made easier once one sees the guide markers being set out by U.S. Border Patrol to help these hopeful border jumpers reach Border Patrol outposts. This was discovered by the recent Congressional investigation team that actually went to the border, as many of us saw Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Tom Cotton (R-AK) smashing through the tall brush at the border, as journalist Sara Carter noted, on Friday evening [March 26th], they could even hear the sounds of Illegal Aliens approaching in the thick brush at that very moment. And Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) informed all who were watching, that they could hear cartel members on the other side of the river, and they had all just seen a body float on by them in the river, an unfortunate illegal alien who died in his effort to live a better life, a life of freedom and prosperity. 

On March 15th, Representative Michael Cloud (R-TX) spoke at a press conference, where he exclaimed:
“We are a compassionate nation, but lawlessness is not compassion. Aiding and abetting cartels is not compassion. Putting policies that allow them to abuse women on the journey is not compassion. Allowing them to grow and be funded into a destabilizing force in these [Central American] nations that are trying to thrive and survive and create a thriving economy for their people is not compassion. …..  We have turned the people who’ve signed up to protect our border into the last mile delivery system of the cartel migrant human trafficking organization ….. We can fix this, we can secure our border, we can protect the lives of these people, and we can keep this nation strong and help push back the cartel influence in our nation and throughout Central and South America.”  

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During his recent press conference on March 25th 2021, Joe Biden knowingly lied to the American people, as he stated that this same sort of rush to the border happens every year. Looking back over the numbers from the past decade, it’s easy to spot the lie, since we’ve already taken in well over one hundred thousand illegal aliens in 2021, as opposed to twenty-four thousand in 2015, twenty-six thousand in 2016, eighteen thousand in 2017, twenty-six thousand in 2018, sixty-six thousand in 2019 and thirty thousand in 2020. And, as noted by Fox News on March 26th, 10,000 unaccompanied migrant children from Central America were held by the Border Patrol in Arizona, in just the last month alone, representing a 171% jump in such activity. 

Biden may be a step slower these days, as seen in his failing mental acuity, but he’s still fully aware of what he’s doing on the border, since he’s doing the second act of Obama’s disastrous immigration policies and he is knowingly, with intent and purpose, choosing to double down on these paths that are so destructive to America. 
For weeks, the Biden administration has denied that any crisis exists at our southern border, as Biden’s Secretary for Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, calls it “a challenge” rather than the crisis we all see. On average each day, 600 unaccompanied migrant children are being picked up by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, more than a twofold increase over this time in 2019.

Although she too won’t use the “C” word, on March 24th, Kamala Harris, illegitimate partner in the Biden regime, finally admitted that the nation faced “a huge problem” on the southern border. After being asked about the growing crisis on “CBS This Morning”, Harris stated:
“Well, okay, look, it’s a huge problem. I’m not gonna pretend it’s not. It’s a huge problem.”

The sheer numbers alone scream out “Crisis”. Nearly 17,000 unaccompanied migrant children were in federal custody, as of early Wednesday morning [March 24th], and over 11,000 of those children were housed in emergency housing sites and shelters, with another 5,000 pushed into overcrowded Border Patrol facilities, which Biden railed against when President Trump used the same facilities. Even more troubling, these young people are placed in a situation that leaves them no choice other than to lie nearly atop one another in order to sleep. And all of this is due to Biden’s policy of turning no child or family with children away, and any way one wishes to view this situation, this is in fact a crisis on America’s southern border.  

Don’t take my word for it. Even the Biden Administration has finally called in the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help with this massive surge of illegal aliens. 

In a wry, humorous quip, Mitch McConnel said, “So either this is the first time FEMA has been deployed just to admire a situation that is going smoothly, or the administration is not being straight with the American people.” 
Love him or hate him, Senator Mitch McConnell was accurate when he recently stated:

“The border crisis is not just seasonal. CBP [Customs and Border Patrol] is tracking the largest surge in apprehensions in twenty years. Unaccompanied children are piling up in close quarters. It turns out when politicians spend a two year campaign advertising a porous border and amnesty. People listen.”

With every question answered and at every raise of his hand, Joe Biden incentivized illegal immigration, just as if he’d stood in Tegucigalpa, San Salvador and Guatemala City himself waving a huge white banner with red letters that said, “America is Open to All Illegal Aliens Today”. Throughout his campaign, Biden essentially suggested that all Illegal Aliens would be placed on a fast track to U.S. citizenship and helped by also receiving all the perks and social service benefits that are supposed to only be for U.S. Citizens and Legal U.S. Residents holding Green Cards. And, as noted by the Center for Immigration Studies, on March 22nd, it’s highly likely that at least 2.1 million illegal aliens already in the country, a small portion of the estimated 30 to 40 illegal alien population in America, will receive a total of $4.38 billion in stimulus payments, because they have either fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers or they received them through several existing federal programs, focused on guest workers; suffice it to say, some 1.8 million Social Security numbers don’t match the names using them.

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On March 17th, Chief Border Patrol Agent Brian Hastings shared images of large groups of families and small children arriving across the river as he tweeted: 
“No end in sight as large groups continue entering in the [Rio Grande Valley sector]. In 48 hours, agents arrested 369 illegal aliens mainly consisting of family members and [Unaccompanied Minors] UACs in 4 separate groups. This year, agents have encountered 19 groups of 100 or more people illegally entering the US.”

Over 100,000 illegal aliens, Other Than Mexican, are pouring across the U.S.-Mexico Border each month now, as if it’s not even there. And worse yet, many are MS-13 gang members and members of other drug cartel and human trafficking gangs. Many are found to be on the FBI terror watch list. 

It’s a certainty that Biden is content to let the flood of Illegal Aliens roll on and on, in light of his choice of his partner in crime, Kamal Harris, to take charge of resolving the situation on the U.S.-Mexico Border. This is the woman who compared the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to the Ku Klux Klan in 2018, during a conversation with ICE Acting Director Ronald Vitiello, at a Congressional hearing. She was more concerned that ICE made these illegals afraid to come than she was congratulating ICE on doing its job to help stop illegal immigration. She sees no problem or existential national security threat, as she has noted she would remove any criminal assignment for anyone crossing the border without a passport or U.S. authorization, and as such, she is the worst possible choice for this task, from the position of anyone who loves America.

Mad as Hatters, we’ve even recently heard a proposal to fly these Illegal Aliens to cities in the northern states near the Canadian border, as a pressure release valve on the southern border. This administration seems to believe that merely showing up at the border demands entry, when Trump had the situation perfectly under control, through agreements with the Triangle nations and Mexico that had stemmed the flow to a large degree. Those who did still make the journey, during Trump’s term, found themselves sitting and waiting on the Mexican side of the border, as it should be.
The Crisis on the Southern Border and all its associated chaos exist because bad men and women, with malevolent intentions, such as Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and all of his “progressive” Communist bureau czars are intractably determined to smash all the illegal aliens, that they possibly can, through the legal system’s regulatory, judicial and legislative side-doors and loopholes that they can find, or create. For them, all that matters is this expands their voter base, eventually, no matter that a deep, national opposition to this illegal immigration expansion exists, along with the wage cuts, rent hikes and poverty associated with it, and we are currently trying to rise out of our own massive recession and care for our own poor and homeless.  

Biden has broken the border with a humanitarian crisis, a human trafficking crisis, a drug-smuggling crisis and an immigration crisis. These are Joe Biden’s policies in action, that are unfolding in one massive illegal immigration disaster that will leave a permanent mark on our country, since not too many illegal aliens ever really get sent home, as evidenced by nearly 40 million illegals still hopscotching across the countryside. Our country’s population has exploded by 100 million people over the last three decades, due to both legal and illegal immigration, but what is being conducted by design today is beyond reason, beyond evil and it will change America forever. 

Our last perfectly presidential president, Ronald W. Reagan, stated the case simply:
“A nation without borders is not a nation.” 

Biden and company were birthed by treason and they continue to walk the path of treason against the United States of America, never having held any moral authority to lead this great country from day one. They are succeeding in their endeavor to subvert our national sovereignty and to turn America into their version of a cosmopolitan, diverse country, without borders, to be robbed blind by her enemies from within and from abroad, until She is left beaten, bloodied and shredded to pieces, beyond any semblance of the country that offered so much of Herself to all the world so willingly, for centuries. It’s a macabre, sick path of traitors, and they must be defeated and this disgrace wiped from our country’s story, by way of America’s restoration of Her traditional principles and virtues.

All America should pay close attention to the March 22nd warnings of Laura Ingraham, as she observed that the Democrats would soon use this surge and the crisis, that they created, as a pretext to seek a blanket amnesty, as she exclaimed:  

“Democrats want to use this crisis that they are solely responsible for, to force the hands of GOP members on immigration amnesty. Hell no, they won’t. You cannot negotiate border legislation with people who don’t believe in borders and continue to tell blatant lies to the American people. ….. The current crisis is something that will change our country forever. Just what the open borders zealots always wanted but couldn’t admit. They conceal, instead of reveal, their true intentions. ….. Just remember, the whole time that they were telling Americans to stay home, slow the spread, mask up, and avoid other people, they were encouraging everyone in the rest of the world to come here as quickly as possible.”

By: Justin O Smith. Follow Gen Z on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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2 thoughts on “America: Open To All Illegal Aliens Today”

  1. Send all those crossing the border up here to Alaska. We have Egan and Denai’ina convention centers. The Sullivan arena, several large sports centers and a bunch of hotels and motels that are practically empty. Contract with the FED to house and process these individuals. We need the population up here. We are at a net loss of population over the last few years. Make the immigrants a deal for a path to citizenship but they have to be Alaskan residents for a specific number of years, i say 15 years. We have so many natural resources and with a reliable hardworking workforce we can make Alaska the model of the world. We have geothermal possibilities as we are in the “Ring of Fire”. Solar and wind, oh boy do we we get a lot of both. Build an international seaport to trade with Asia and the world. Build a railroad to the lower 48 to transport goods. We built one across the Continental USA in the 1869, so why is there no rail service to the state with abundant natural resource, possibly the most in the entire union. We can educate and train the immigrants and they can be the bulk of the workforce. Every year it is a struggle and scramble to get people to fill the seasonal jobs from fishing to processing and all the other jobs. With a little innovation I am sure the Biden administration can figure a way to make substantial year round employment in AK a reality. I have an easy one that can be implemented immediately. Remove all the dead spruce trees. These trees have died from the spruce bark beetle all over the state. They are an extreme fire hazard as evidenced over the last few years. Log them and grind for pulp, build a plant that produces OSB, Ship it the lower 48 or internationally Have you seen the price of lumber lately. We have clean burning natural gas galore. It is reported that there are 1726.4 Bcf of natural gas in Cook Inlet alone. That can power a lot of industry. Add wind and solar and looky there on the other side of Cook Inlet across from Kenai and Anchorage is a string of active Volcano’s, can anyone say geothermal power. Clean natural geothermal power plants. The immigrants could be trained in construction and build these plants, the houses for workers, the supermarkets, shops and all infrastructure. The Fed has to have a 50 year plan and start implementing it.

    Alaska can become the jewel of the world in clean energy, responsible natural resource development and preservation of wildlife programs and the national and state parks and preserves for them. If you have ever been to Denali National Park it is pretty “Podunk”. Shacks along the road with trinkets and food, subpar roads and just a total lack of organization.

    “Come on man”, even Cornpop could be prosperous in Alaska.

    1. Growing Alaska’s economic growth is a commendable endeavor, however, it should not be done to benefit and reward “immigrants” crossing our border ILLEGALLY. These are illegal aliens who are jumping to the head of the line in an immigration system that already contains a path to citizenship through a Legal Process.

      To Your point, if anything, the United States should quite probably loosen their current legal guidelines for immigration to America and streamline our immigration law to make achieving U.S. citizenship not such an onerous, difficult and costly task as it currently stands. Bring legal and documented immigrants into the country to freely live wherever they wish, for their benefit and the betterment of the nation on the whole. And if Alaska requires the lion’s share of those new Legal Immigrants, then it could and should engage in a public relations campaign focused on drawing them to the state, for reasons that will incentivize them to come.

      I’m just not big on rewarding illegal immigration, because each time we’ve allowed it to go by without any consequence, the results have reared up in another Ugly Illegal Alien Caravan, with thousands more of Illegals clamoring to get across our Southern Border, either a year or two ahead or, many times, simply months ahead.

      And aside from this, many of the current crop of Illegals aren’t the sort of “immigrants” willing to put forth the hard work You are seeking in Your area. Instead, they come to take full advantage of everything they can within our medical, education and welfare systems, as one should note by the fact that many of their ranks have been photographed wearing shirts that read “Biden — Please, Let Us In”; this occurred in direct response to Biden’s own statements that he would give illegal aliens Free access to healthcare, education and even “stimulus spending” checks.

      Y’All do have newspapers up there, don’t You? Just curious.

      Good Luck Up There In God’s Country ___ The Land of The Northern Lights.

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