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America is Not a Racist Country in the 21st Century


Many conservatives know that, but few are willing to say it, just as few are willing to say that Robert E Lee was a great man that is well worth remembering or that America is unraveling.

However, some conservatives, are, in fact, quite brave and are willing to put their names behind the assertion that America is not a racist country. One such man is Peter van Buren, who, in an excellent article for The American Conservative entitled “So It Turns Out You’re a Racist,” points out the flaws in liberal reasoning about racism and states the truth about the issue. As always, don’t believe the radical left and its coterie of liars in the Mainstream Media! Instead, listen to articles such as this one that speak the truth about America and its institutions.

Summary of Why America is Not a Racist Country

First, van Buren describes the idiocy of the liberal idea that every white person is a racist, pointing out how absurd it is to tell all blacks that they suffer under a system of oppression and telling all whites that they’re oppressors of blacks. Namely, he points out that many whites arrived after slavery, yet they’re still assumed to be both responsible for the evils of hundreds of years ago and benefit because other people’s ancestors held slaves during a very different era.

Next, van Buren describes the insane nature of the people who don’t understand that America is not a racist country, telling the story of a hospitality company’s Slack channel blowing up with fellow whites accusing each other of racism for vague reasons, a mob of those angry, racist HR personnel rabidly accusing anyone and everyone of being an evil racist.

Finally, van Buren describes the damage the white liberals that don’t understand that America is not a racist country have done and showing just how vapid and self-righteous most of the people accusing their fellows of racism are and ending with this masterful paragraph that wonderfully points out the deleterious effects of the “isms.”

“Along the way, however, the collateral damage of wokeness is producing the totalitarianism it purports to challenge by denying any view that challenges it. Ideas are redefined by one side as the bad -isms of racism, sexism, fascism, and pulled out of the marketplace along with the people who want to talk about them. No invite to the barbecue, no seat at the Thanksgiving table. In a political system built on compromise, I’m not sure how we’re supposed to get things done.”

For me, I am not a racist. I’ll get over my problem with lost friends. America, I’m not so sure.

From: So it Turns out You’re a Racist

My Take on Why America is Not a Racist Country

In my view, it’s not all that hard to see that America is not a racist country. Every time there are even mere accusations of racism brought up, most everyone in the nation freaks out.

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Just look at what happened when Bubba Wallace said he found a noose in his garage. All of the Nascar drivers went out on the track and followed his car in support! And that’s from Nascar, a traditionally Southern sport! If you listen to the fake news media, the South is supposedly full of racists. Does it make sense that they’d go out in support of Bubba Wallace in that situation?

america is not a racist country
America is not a racist country, as shown by the Bubba Wallace Debacle

If you believe the media, then no. But, if you’re level headed and understand that America is not a racist country, then it makes perfect sense. Americans support Americans; we’re only divided when the media fans the flames of tension.

Now, of course, I understand that the Bubba Wallace thing was a hoax. I’m not defending him. I just think it’s a good example of the fact that America is not a racist country. And it proves van Buren’s point; accusations are wild and cause more problems than they solve.


Read van Buren’s article on the subject. America is not a racist country. The leftists just want to pretend it is so they can carry out their purge of traditional American society. Don’t let them wind! Stand up for unity rather than the divisiveness of leftists’ racism hysteria.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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