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America-Bashing Brittney Griner Makes Yet Another Absurd Defense for Smuggling Drugs into Russia

Brittney Griner, the WNBA “star” that protested against America in the wake of George Floyd’s death by refusing to appear on the court for the national anthem and saying that she thought the national anthem shouldn’t be played at all, is not fading quietly into the night and just accepting that she’s going to go to prison in Russia for breaking that nation’s laws and smuggling drugs into the country (an act that she admitted to).

Rather, she’s making absurd excuses for her conduct, as if the Russians will let her free if only she comes up with just the right excuse for having smuggled drugs into the Russian Federation.

First, her legal team argued that she had inadvertently put the hash oil vape cartridges in her luggage and had not meant to smuggle them into Russia. That didn’t work to well, as the law is that no smuggling is allowed, not that you’ll be let off the hook by claiming that you didn’t mean to bring drugs into the nation…otherwise every drug dealer/smuggler would just say that they hadn’t meant to bring the drugs into the nation.

Next, the legal team claimed that Griner only had the drugs because she has a medical marijuana prescription and needed the drug for “chronic pain.” Once again, the Russians didn’t care, as her lawyers should have expected from the start: Russia doesn’t allow any marijuana, “medical” or not. So having a card giving you permission to smoke weed isn’t an excuse for doing so over there.

And that’s a longstanding policy of Russia, as it sees weed as being deleterious and has the guts necessary to stand up to stoners that claim they need it as a “medicine”. As Andrey Khrapov, the head of the anti-drug department in Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, put it:

“If a person continues to use marijuana for a long time, then, as a rule, this causes certain changes in the psychological properties. The opinion of our doctors, law enforcement agencies is against it. There is no benefit in this, no medical effect, except for worsening the situation.

“Let’s say countries like Holland, Uruguay, Mexico, where they legalized marijuana, as a result, human rights activists, sane people in these countries come to the conclusion that this was actually a wrong, unnecessary decision. Believe me, for every type of disease, where you can would be to use marijuana for a medicinal effect, there are many pharmaceutical analogues that are better and safer,”

So the whole “medical marijuana” excuse didn’t work, as Russia thinks it’s ridiculous, like many conservatives in America do.

Regardless, it’s the line her lawyers keep pushing, with Fox News reporting that lawyer Maria Blagovolina saidWith the prescription in place, Brittney may have used it for medical but not recreational purposes.

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The Russians have remained unimpressed and unwilling to treat that claim as a meaningful excuse. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, for example, said:

If a U.S. citizen was taken in connection with the fact that she was smuggling drugs, and she does not deny this, then this should be commensurate with our Russian local laws and not with those adopted in San Francisco, New York and Washington.

You understand, if drugs are legalized in the United States — in a number of states — and this is done for a long time, and now the whole country will become drug addicted. This does not mean that all other countries are following the same path.

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