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Is America as We Knew It Gone?

To: America

I have been thinking about a discussion I had a couple of weeks ago concerning the size and scope of government and its relationship to social programs. I may have come off as unfeeling and disinterested in people who are not as fortunate as I to the person I was speaking with. I assure you I am sympathetic to the homeless and other people who are left behind by life. But my solution(s) is not to hand out money, other peoples’ money, with no thought to what value it produces. As the saying says: give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime (looking this up produced many versions but I like mine the best).

I used to help unfortunates by supplying work and a paycheck to these unlucky individuals who stumbled across my path and accepted a job. This was supposed to be a two-way street opened between two people, myself and the hire, to get useful labor performed in exchange for government script. This is a strategy that rarely worked to help these people or me because I expected value for the money that I paid them. This of course is a fantasy because a lot of people in the labor pool, at least the people I found, didn’t want to work. Rather, they wanted to be given everything nice in life, everything I go to work every day to afford, and they want it for free. Pretty soon they may require that someone from the government go out and do their shopping for them.

I found it impossible to compete with a government that does not require a days’ work from someone as they distribute our tax dollars.

This paradigm has been exacerbated in the age of Covid, when the largesse from the US Treasury is overwhelming and the dollar/value exchange has been completely destroyed. Not only are we subsidizing every program imaginable, but, basically, we have been signed up to put many more people on welfare, by sending out checks to people who have been forced or coerced to stay locked out of their jobs to ‘slow the spread.’ These programs and learned skills may come in very useful if the CCP has a virus waiting in the wings with Black Plaguelike morbidity. But presently, 15 days to slow the spread has morphed into 2.5 years and a medical mafia that is credibly talking about withholding access to food and medical services if you don’t take the experimental vaccine that was produced to help society get moving again (get VARS statistics) and updates (booster), I call it a Windows platform for your body.

The medical mafia has also birthed an oppressive cradle to grave thought experiment within Leviathan wherein the top brass at the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, and General Mark Milley have put in place a ‘woke military’ agenda that is not interested in overwhelming force to protect America but a diversity and inclusion program to make a Transgender movement the main focus of warfighting capabilities.

The doctors/hospitals get to perform ghastly and morbidly expensive ‘gender reassignment’ surgeries cheered on by complicit media as the taxpayer is forced to take unwanted vaccines to be allowed to go to work. Dictatorial Governors gleefully enforce distancing regulations at restaurants, whose business model is built around full capacity, and at the same time, they let their political donors ignore the same mandates they promote for others.

Meanwhile, our chief geopolitical rival, China, has credibly claimed the development of a hypersonic cruise missile that can take out our most lethal weapons platform from ‘over the horizon,’ something Joe Biden can’t do in protecting Americans left behind in Af’stan. Another thing Joe Biden can’t seem to do is fix the supply chain before Christmas or maybe ever.

Biden is a marginally intelligent, and I am being generous, career politician with obvious cognitive issues who can’t even take stage direction from his puppet masters and is not going to be able to rally the resources to straighten out the mess the economy is in. The Secretary of Transportation, who should have been taking care of this supply issue had to be hunted down because HE was on MATERNITY leave and evidently hadn’t been reading the newspaper, not to mention the reports, he gets paid handsomely to read, interpret, and take action on.

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This is slightly more than mere incompetence; it is lunacy.

To add insult to injury this was announced while our top brass was praising their intentions to make room for transgendered individuals in the military where they can be ‘gender reassigned at taxpayer expense, never having served a day, and forced vaccination upon actual warfighting soldiers. They distract from one administration disaster with another. Lunacy is compounded by the apathy of a population that willingly walks from one totalitarian order to the next complacently heading for the work camp.

America is no longer a serious country; we are a joke, and one very poorly told.

The government, in the form of Attorney General Merritt Garland (Thank God it isn’t Justice Garland), almost designated parents as domestic terrorists for showing up at school board meetings and yelling at the board because their children are being taught to be racist and pedophilic. This opens them up to be surreptitiously surveilled and pounced on any time the Feds need a distraction shows up an administration is not a whole deep state bureaucracy stacked against ‘We the People and on the side of special interest donors in this case, teachers’ unions.

For a moment, think how you would feel if your school district or local hospital was trying to usurp your parental rights and the weight of the Federal government was sent to intimidate you because of a letter sent to him by the teachers’ union. Garland clumsily denied this in testimony before Congress saying that his action was but the opening of an investigation and not to worry our pretty little heads about it.

I don’t believe for a minute that sending the FBI at the behest of the teachers’ union was not an intimidation tactic designed to put fear into the protesting parents. Fortunately, it seems to have had the opposite effect. Parents are showing up stronger and more determined than ever.

I am not sure if this link will translate to a video, but this video is a teacher describing how school boards were taken over surreptitiously by people who don’t raise children for a living and that the do or die moment to defeat CRT and programs like ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ has just come to the surface of the Teacher Unions’ agenda. Parents who send their children to school feeling that the educators will supply a liberal education are horrified to discover that reading, writing and arithmetic is actually an indoctrination against all of the values that they believe in.

This Bobby Eberle video explains very well the fight going on for the minds of our children.

History to these educators, some not all, is a chance to indoctrinate against America. The 1619 project, admittedly by its author, is lie. A curriculum being openly taught to American schoolchildren. A story plucked from events that occurred 150 years before the idea of an incorporated nation, The United States of America, even existed.

And congruently an event that simultaneously was happening all around the world and practiced by every nation. The depiction of evil white men chasing hapless, peaceful Africans through the pristine jungle is totally false, an outlier promoted by organizations like NAACP. What was much more common was that tribal leaders were marching scores of other Africans, obtained either from the conquest of other tribes or criminals from within their own judicial system, to the ports where they shipped them all over the known world as had been done from the beginning of time.

The fact that America was the first nation on the Earth to form itself in the proposition that slavery was wrong, although their ability to enact perfectly this concept, is lost on these educators or perhaps it is well understood but the ‘educators’ prefer an America with less freedom and more indoctrination.

While I realize the welfare state Leviathan won’t soon be irradicated or even significantly rolled back until the US government is out of other options it is possible to stand in its way, harass and nip at its heels like a small, obdurate dogfighting a larger dog for its right to be heard. Indeed, I think Social Security will be abandoned first, because seniors don’t tend to raise a fuss and burn government buildings the same as ne’er do wells looking for sustenance from Leviathan do.

Leviathan has overreached; whether in global hegemony or monetary debasement or intolerant rule over its citizens, its grip seems to be weakening. Giant corporations and medical bureaucracy and authoritarianism have forced people into untenable positions forcing choices between medical procedures they don’t want or need and gainful employment. It isn’t forced organ harvesting as they do in China, yet, but when you hear the hue and cry any time the genocide of abortion is even considered in unflattering terms, you can understand the power of the Leviathan influence.

In this vein, I was in the hospital with my wife and she/we were asked whether or not we were vaccinated, to which we answered in the negative. She stated her vax status a little more vociferously than I did, as I have a deep and abiding fear of the brand of fascist totalitarianism that the intersectional relationship that has developed between the US Government and our, one-time independent medical establishment and infrastructure has produced.

This has come about because of the necessity of government involvement in medicine through the explosion in health care expense and the insurance that is mandatory to be able to afford, out of pocket any interaction with a hospital other than a broken leg or something similar. Our medical facilities perform some truly miraculous operations and achieve outcomes that a few decades earlier were only imagined in hardcore science fiction.

Back to the question of our vaccination status, I immediately don’t trust Leviathan government but, when in concert with an industry like ‘Big Pharma’ that has proven time after time to take the welfare and safety of their customers second or maybe third to their need to push new products on them, I balk at doing what I am told to do.

Just the fact that our government is all-in on injecting everyone worldwide with a vaccine gives me pause to wonder why. Why do they care so much?

Gov/Pharma have stopped admitting that this disease will never go away and that natural immunity achieved by exposure to the virus is a permanent solution for herd immunity and taken the position that pushing the ‘vaccine’ and never-ending boosters is the solution. Is it merely profit or is there a darker agenda that the ‘sheep’ I mean people are not allowed to hear?

My greatest fear is the next ‘mistake’ from Wuhan will be a virus that won’t be easily deflected and immunocompromised biology will be an easy target.

By: David Gignac