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A Country Alone Is In Bad Company

The Biden Administration is isolating America from our allies in Europe and the Middle East. China is emboldened and Twain is threatened.

The Biden Administration has funded Russia’s next generation of weapon systems while crippling America’s energy independence and feeding inflation.  

The Biden Administration has funded the Drug Cartels of Mexico and beyond for generations to come. My daughter works on the streets of Dallas helping the homeless. Biden has broken his covenant with the American people.

To persuade, The New York Times ignores reason and deeds for a pathway that embraces insinuation, intimidation, and accusation. He who falls in love with themselves have no rivals. You flaunt yourselves before the world with all your studding-sails out. Vice always endeavors to dress itself up in the cloth of virtue.

Until the US media/high tech are turned on their heads and held accountable, the Country’s foundation will continue to crack.

America has already experienced volcanic eruptions.

Critical race theory is weakening our understanding of who we are, why we are here, and where we must head.

I know something about memory loss. Mom and Dad died of Alzheimer’s. America is still young. But when we allow our DNA to be manipulated our national memory is lost. Our Constitution gives form, function, consistency, and predictability to life for all Americans. It holds us accountable.  

It protects us from our worst angels. It protects us from those who want to forget our history. It protects us from those who want to manipulate our history. It protects us from those who want to ignore our history. It does protect those who engage in acts of sedition. That includes the press.

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The US Constitution is the nucleus that gives both life and form to the American family. Our institutions. It secures and passes on the life-giving beliefs, attitudes, and values to future generations.

There are boundaries. Biological and human. When we ignore them, when we ignore the absolutes in human behavior we die as a species. We are Americans. And Americans only.

Black lives matter is leading us into tribalism. Billions in property damage and most of the media walks on by. Thousands of Americans lost their small businesses to Marxist thugs. And the media walks on by. The only light created by Black Lives Matter were the fires that destroyed lives that took years to build.

Defunding the police has riped out the guardrails that enable us to be a functioning society. The beliefs, attitudes, and values that once helped to keep our neighborhoods safe are crushed by the gangs that now rule our cities.

These pressures are combining with an unparalleled tectonic shift away from free enterprise, individual creativity, and rewards and toward government autocracy/socialism/Marxism. If these forces are left unchecked, they will lead to the destruction of the middle class. Government and not the family will become the nurturing force in our children’s lives. The Left wants the  Federal Government to be the cornerstone of our society. Not we the people.

These stress factors combined with the corruption in the Justice Department/FBI/CIA/Congress are creating geological faults that are setting up the conditions for an earthquake of catastrophic proportions.

The media is magnifying all these stress factors. And creating new ones. Until their self reflected glory is crushed, they will continue to lead us into a valley of chilling darkness.

It’s not global warming or climate change that will take us out.

Biden’s speech at the UN was sad. An embarrassment. The house is on fire and Biden is focused on an over the horizon yellow brick road. Yes, there is a lot of clean-up to be done. But you don’t plan for more lifeboats when the ship is sinking. Stop the flood. I wonder if Taiwain is worried more about the  CO2 left from cars or the fumes left overhead by the Chinese Airforce.

The media before it speaks should spend a week on the Southside of Chicago. Do a ride-along with the men and women in Blue. Follow a busload, two busloads, 1,000 busloads of illegal aliens from our southern border to all points across the country. They need to out of their offices. Get out from behind their computers and travel America. Seven days a week. 365 days a year.

The last time Biden relied on his over the horizon crystal ball he killed the innocent. The Biden two-step, followed by the Biden side step has reached Dancing With the Stars status.

The media/big tech have become the Lefts Praetorian Guard. They’re:

*Suppressing free speech/dissent

*Cultivating class warfare

*Prohibiting self-defense

*Creating massive debt

* Increasing poverty

* Eliminating privacy

* Spreading fear

* Dictating healthcare

* Indoctrination through education

Our friends all around the world are running out of patience. With Biden and the US media.

With each passing day we are more convinced that an America, of the people and by the people is the protector of liberty.

John Tammaro