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America Ain’t a Racist Country

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, America isn’t a racist country, especially not anymore. There might have been a time, as Halberstam recounts in The Fifties, when certain areas of the country tolerated open racial prejudice in a way that made the area generally “racist.” Even then, there were good people everywhere.

Regardless, that was seventy years ago. The Civil Rights Act has been around for decades and enforced for almost as long. We had a black president and now have a black VP. Although both are terrible, it’s still reflective of the fact that America has changed for the better and is no longer in any way, shape, or form a racist country.

Of course, as the above tweet suggests, there are still racists in the country. The only problem for the left, however, is that those racists aren’t who the left thinks they are.

You see, it’s not the rednecks that are constantly talking about race, whatever the soy-sipping liberal in New York says. Most people, especially in the South, are quite kind and tend to judge people individually.

Rather, it’s the “anti-racist” leftists that are the real racists. They’re the ones that constantly discuss race. They imagine anti-black racism behind every corner while simultaneously castigating every single conservative as a vicious, George Wallace-like racist. They promote minorities faster than whites, use Affirmative Action to help minorities get into college with less effort, and don’t judge black criminals or rioters no matter what they do.

And that’s by design. A central tenet of critical race theory, an offshoot of critical theory, is that past racism can only be rectified by reverse racism in the present. Hence Woke Coke‘s anti-white training, Affirmative Action, and the constant fawning over any minority, no matter how degenerate or criminal (in fact, it seems as if the left looks down upon the more successful minorities and instead only praises the gangbangers and thugs, but that’s outside the scope of this).

The time is now to stand up to that reverse racism, rooted as it is in lies. America is not a racist country. It was founded in 1776, not 1619. Institutionalized white supremacy no longer exists. The only real racism left is coming from the left. Let’s call them on it.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook


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