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Amazon And Twitter Openly Mock Americans

The word “ineffable” is used to describe something that is literally incapable of being expressed. As I racked every linguistic center of my brain for the appropriate response to the recent actions of Big Tech overlords Amazon and Twitter, I frustratingly settled on a word that can only circumvent the actual absence of a better one. Other than that, the only words that came to mind are unprintable.

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Yes, the actions of Amazon and Twitter are ineffable and spit in the face of Americans who follow the rules – naively, ignorantly, reluctantly, or otherwise – when it comes to public safety and decency.

Amazon is in the midst of a unionization effort at one of its Alabama fulfillment centers. According to reporting from The Blaze, it would be the first time in seven years that Amazon employees have sought to form a union. If the vote comes back in the affirmative, reporting from the New York Post says it would be a first for their U.S. facilities. The same article’s larger focus, as captured by its headline, notes that Amazon will almost certainly face a larger “union push” in the upcoming year(s) given the Biden administration’s allegedly pro-labor stance. This specific clash of Big tech interests and political leftism is just one of countless instances of mutually incompatible philosophies manifesting in this new age.

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, pro-union and pro-labor forces are pushing for mail-in ballots in order to ensure worker safety. Given the recent history where mail-in voting was unprecedentedly available in our national political elections, it makes sense. (I didn’t like it the first time, but at least the argument is consistent). Where the story of the Amazon union vote gets maddenly hypocritical and aneurysm-inducing is from the response given by company spokesperson Heather Knox, who told CNN that:

“The best approach to a valid, fair and successful election is one that is conducted manually, in-person, making it easy for associates to verify and cast their vote in close proximity to their workplace.” 

The great lies of our lifetime are that Covid necessitated the shutdown of our national economy and distancing from public engagement, such as voting in person. In response to the alleged safety concerns of in-person voting, Democrats were able to jigger the system to enable fully 46% of all voters to cast a mail-in ballot for the presidential election. Of course, this scam is now fully revealed considering the obvious potential for fraud as laid out by Amazon. If Amazon cannot guarantee the validity of 6,000 union ballots being cast, on what grounds can anyone reasonably argue that the casting of 161 million ballots was any better? For the mathematically inclined, Amazon is arguing that it cannot ensure proper voting procedures for mail-in ballots at a ratio of just 1/27,000th of what states juggled. It calls to mind Nancy Pelosi saying mail-in voting was “essential for American’s health” and later demanding her colleagues cast in-person votes in the House chambers when her Speakership was on the line.

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As if the hypocrisy of Amazon wasn’t bad enough, though, it is easy to say that Twitter acted even more egregiously. The totalitarian company, which was ostensibly founded to liberate the masses on the internet with free speech, took the expected (but still frightening) step, of not only censoring the sitting president of the United States but outright banning him.

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This process was probably inevitable; Twitter for years has been censoring, shadow banning, and kicking people off its platform for years. Well, to qualify that statement, it has been censoring, shadow banning, and kicking conservatives off its platform for years. Other users who are demonstrably evil human beings have continued to spread hate and violence – unchecked – for years. Their accounts receive nary a wrist slap. 

The existence of horrible people among its users was part of the reason that Twitter’s official position was so unbelievable. President Trump incited the violence on January 6th? Even if that were true, every American lived through the summer of 2020 and saw real violence and real destruction every evening. Tweets proliferated encouraging mayhem. And this says nothing of allowing terrorist messages to proliferate on the platform. (Wait, is it a publisher?) And, if the Capitol riots were the true impetus for removing the president’s account, doesn’t it stand to reason that he would be reinstated now that even left-wing media organizations are reporting that Trump did not, in fact, start the riot? Even the Washington Post covered real news truthfully and reported that the rioters had been planning the events all along – and not even on Twitter! 

Of course, facts do not matter. Trump had to go. For four years the American public was subjected to the baseless charge that 45 was a discredit to the office. Apparently deleting the account of the man in the office is okay and not at all demeaning to the Oval.

As if none of this were not bad enough, the real outrage belongs in the series of Tweets fired off by the official Twitter account after the country of Uganda recently took necessary steps to limit how much social media could influence its results, which is definitely a thing. Does Hunter Biden sound familiar? Naturally, because self-awareness is not part of the left’s repertoire, Twitter reacted swiftly. It was aghast at the blackout, stating that it “strongly condemn[s] internet shutdowns – they are hugely harmful, violate basic human rights and the principles of the #OpenInternet.”

The series of angry tweets continued to make the social media rounds. “Access to information and freedom of expression, including the public conversation on Twitter, is never more important than during democratic processes, particularly elections,” it declared. Apparently every word of this matters only when censorship occurs from Twitter, not to Twitter. In thinking back to the silencing of any mention of Hunter Biden’s laptop and nefarious schemes, this rank and flagrant hypocrisy is mind-numbingly stupid. Access to information? Accounts were blocked for even reposting the Biden story. Public conversation? Only on their terms. Never more important than during democratic processes? Except when it hurts Democrats. Particularly elections? Especially during elections.

As ineffable as the actions of Amazon and Twitter are – and I didn’t even have a high enough word count to touch on Amazon’s removal of rival Parler from its web hosting services – the equally disappointing revelation from these stories is the silence and acceptance from the American community writ large. Americans are too comfortable with their Prime shipping, and all too happy to feel like their opinion matters in the blogosphere. 

As their lives get “better” and more “comfortable,” our situation will inversely get worse.

By: Parker Beauregard of Blue State Conservative