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Amazing: Watch CRT Get Torn to Pieces in Just Two Minutes on Dr. Phil, Program Uses Trick to Shield It from Further Criticism

James Lindsay is nowhere near as based as many on the right that cheer his anti-CRT work would prefer. He is, after all, still a liberal.

However, despite that failing, he is a good temporary ally in the fight against CRT, as we saw when he appeared on Dr. Phil and tore CRT to shreds in just a few minutes of straight speaking about the issue.

He began with an utter rejection of the whole thing, saying he doesn’t believe its main tenet, which is that all past racial grievances need to be dredged up and dealt with. Speaking on that, he said:

“I do not believe in the critical race theory tenet, that says that racism is the ordinary state of affairs in our society and that if we don’t drudge up our race consciousness then we can’t get over it.

I think this is actually a lie and it’s very annoying to me to listen to the back-and-forth here in fact. I’m glad to be here, to bring some knowledge. I take a lot of umbrage at the idea that we’re going to talk about ‘should we have critical race theory’ this-or-that because it’s talking about racism in our history, when the fact of the matter is it’s not ‘are we,’ it’s ‘how are we.

Continuing, he went from that basic disagreement to an attack on CRT generally, saying:

“And I am shocked and appalled to hear the defensive side for critical race theory misrepresented this way. They don’t explain, for example, why the first paper, called ‘Toward a Critical Race Theory in Education’ by Gloria Ladson-Billings, was published in 1995. They don’t explain why Richard Delgado’s 2001 book explains on page 5, for example, that it rapidly spread from law to other disciplines, especially education.

“They don’t explain, in the exact same situation, that Gloria Ladson-Billings is one of the chief authors of an Ed. Equity in Virginia that is bringing critical race theory into all the state schools of Virginia right now.”

Unable to rebut him or offer any real defense of CRT, Dr. Phil just made a dumb throwaway line about Lindsay talking too fast, as if that’s not necessitated by the manner in which shows like these are conducted.

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Lindsay fired back, and then, somehow not dissuaded by Lindsay’s firebreathing so far, an audience member tried to counter him by saying that “CRT isn’t actually being taught in schools.” Lindsay was obviously about to fire back but, of course, they cut to commercials before he could demolish her. Watch here:

And it’s good for her sake that the program did so, as she would have been ripped apart. Sure, 3rd-grade classes might not have a “CRT class” in the class schedule. But their teachers are indoctrinated in it and work the principles into lessons, as was pointed out by the Post Millennial. It’s the dumb argument the left keeps making, and Lindsay obviously could have defeated it.

The cut to commercials was a dirty trick to stop him from doing so.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.