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WATCH: Loudest “F*** Joe Biden” Chant to Date Breaks Out in Liberal State During NFL Game

Sometimes oldies are goodies, particularly when it comes to mocking our seemingly senile and utterly incompetent president, Slow Joe Biden. Or, as he was known for much of his first year in office thanks to the idiocy of a reporter (shocker), Brandon.

Particularly, the “FJB chant heard round the nation,” particularly the iterations of the chant that took place at many football games in the country, is awesome and well-worth reviewing, as it’s hilarious.

Well, here was one of the best of those chants of all time, heard at a Jets/Titans game back in October of 2021:

Yes, it’s an old chant. But just think. It took place in October of 2021, back before some of the more significant screwups of his presidency.

Yes, the Afghanistan disaster had happened at that point, but the inflation crisis was nowhere near as bad, the Russkies weren’t driving tanks into nearby countries, the border situation was bad but not as bad as it now is…frankly, October was great compared to today.

So if that was the energy in the stadium then, just think about where we’re headed next football season…as Joe’s approval rate continues to scrape the bottom, just wait to see how bad things get.

Particularly, let’s see how bad things get as Biden’s rating gets worse. Here’s what Gallup said about him recently:

During Joe Biden’s fifth quarter in office, which began on January 20 and ended on April 19, an average of 41.3% of U.S. adults approved of the job he was doing as president. The latest average is essentially unchanged from the 41.7% in his fourth quarter but significantly lower than his first three quarterly averages.

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Biden enjoyed majority approval ratings during his first two quarters in office. A trying late summer and early fall 2021, marked by a surge in new coronavirus cases, the troubled U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and rapidly increasing gas prices and inflation, led to a decline in Biden’s public support. His job approval ratings in eight Gallup polls conducted since September have ranged narrowly between 40% and 43%.

Gallup’s latest update on Biden’s job approval, from an April 1-19 survey, finds 41% of Americans approving and 56% disapproving of the way Biden is handling his job as president.

From a historical perspective, Biden’s fifth quarter average is lower than that of any prior elected president, except Donald Trump. Trump averaged 39.1% during his fifth quarter. Although their fifth quarter average approval ratings were at least five percentage points higher than Biden’s, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama join Trump and Biden in averaging less than majority approval at this stage of their presidencies.

Six of the 11 post-World War II presidents elected to their first term in office had fifth quarter averages above 50%, including three who were above 70%.

Think about all that, then think about how bad things will go for him if he gets even worse…that’s what we get to look forward to, that’s the energy that will be pulsing through crowds, next time football season comes and the chants, or some variation of them, happen again. It’ll be beautiful!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.