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AMAZING: Left-Wing Movie Critic Watches ‘My Son Hunter,’ What Happened Next Is Amazing

One of Britain’s many left-leaning newspapers, The Independent, just put out a review of the new movie, “My Son Hunter”. Predictably, the lefties at that paper hated the movie, one which they referred to as a “bald-faced work of conservative agitprop.” 

A fun use of vocabulary, though probably not correct: it’s just a story about what Hunter was up to for all those years when he was peddling Brandon’s influence. Far from agitprop, it’s just a story of the president’s son.

However, though the leftie journalist, Louis Chilton, professed to think it was “agitprop,” it turns out that he did learn some things about the Biden family and what it’s been up to over the past few years.

Of course, that’s buried deep within the article…Mr. Chilton saved it for the 7th  paragraph of his review, but even he admits that he learns some things about Brandon.

“No matter how laughable My Son Hunter is, there is at least a soupçon of reality to it. Several times, the film had me rushing to Google, where I discovered that this or that piece of unflattering Biden trivia was in fact rooted in truth,” he stated in the review.

Breitbart, commenting on that admission and what it shows about the movie and its necessity, said:

His admission bears out the My Son Hunter‘s central message — that the mainstream media successfully buried the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, deliberately keeping the general public in the dark about the Biden family’s shady business deals.”

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Some people might wonder if the laptop is relevant two years after the story initially broke. A poll published by Rasmussen revealed that 63 percent of likely voters think that it is. Out of that 63 percent, 44 percent say it’s “very important.”

“Another poll found one in six Biden voters said they wouldn’t have voted for Joe Biden in 2020 had they known about the various scandals surrounding the candidate, including the Hunter Biden laptop,” the report concluded.

Trending Politics News, commenting on the matter and the importance of the laptop in regards to the Biden regime, said:

Yes, this laptop is important. Its contents include evidence that proves a sitting vice president might likely have been involved in a scheme with his son to sell access to him to foreign entities in exchange for large quantities of money. Then, of course, there’s the fact that it shows Hunter himself engaged in all sorts of depravity, some of which could include a minor. If true, that should result in jail time.

President Joe Biden, as of now, is expected to seek reelection. All of this information is relevant because the American people have a right to know what kind of person they are voting into the White House. If this stuff had been made available during the 2020 presidential race, the outcome would have been very different. But the left, working in partnership with social media companies, managed to suppress the story and lend Biden a hand in stripping a victory out of the hands of former President Donald Trump.