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Amazing: DeSantis Considers Taking a Massive Step to Punish Disney

The fight between DeSantis and Disney has become a well-known struggle, with DeSantis being rightly unrepentant after signing the parental rights bill the left derisively calls the “Don’t Say Gay bill” and Disney using its powerful platform to attack Florida for daring to pass a bill that Florida’s woke employees don’t like.

So, DeSantis has been fighting back. First, he did so verbally, slamming the company during a statement to the press and saying that the company “has alienated a lot of people now.”

But it might be that true action, not just words, could come next: DeSantis could revoke Disney’s special privileges, as he hinted during the same press appearance, saying And so the political influence they’re used to wielding, I think has dissipated. And so the question is, why would you want to have special privileges in the law at all? And I don’t think that we should.

DeSantis also spoke on those privileges when appearing on Fox and Friends, saying that the legislature was considering revoking them over the recent spat and that he’d be amenable to such a decision from the legislature. In his words:

Over many, many decades…they’ve gotten incredible treatment from the Florida legislature and they are treated on a pedestal, this one corporation is treated differently than everybody else. That’s not something I’ve ever supported. But now in the Legislature you see a movement to reevaluate those special privileges. And so at the end of the day, I think Disney has gotten over its skis on this.

What special privileges are those? The New York Post reported on them, saying:

In 1967, Florida created the Reedy Creek Improvement District, a semi-private, independent governing entity controlled by Disney. It gave the company the power to approve construction projects for its theme parks as well as build and manage the necessary infrastructure to support its operations.

The district was also empowered to levy its own taxes and then use the revenue to build public services and maintain roadways and bridges.

If the GOP-led state government repeals the law, Disney World and all of its properties would be regulated by Orange and Osceola counties in central Florida.

So, Disney is currently something of an independent city-state in Florida. It can levy its own taxes, build its own infrastructure, and in so doing acts somewhat like a state. All hail the mouse. But, thanks to the company/city-state’s inappropriate, vicious attacks on DeSantis, that independent status could be coming to an end.

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DeSantis also, when he appeared on Fox and Friends, said that Disney must be stopped because it would, if left “unabated”, “destroy” the country. In his words:

This wokeness will destroy this country if we let it run unabated. So in Florida we take a very big stand against that.

So, DeSantis sees Florida as a bulwark against the sort of toxic wokeness pushed by Disney, a barrier against its far-left ideology. That could very well give his threats a bit of bite and indicate that not just words, but action to take Disney down a notch, is coming.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics