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Alternatives to Government Schools

Since I started this article the dynamic between the government school system, the teachers’ unions and the mothers and fathers of the children they have contracted to teach has changed. In response to the parents finally waking up and attending local school board meetings, armed with their ire and opinions of what should be ‘taught to the kids, the teachers unions have called upon the full force of the government to protect them from the threat of irate parents who as far as I can tell mostly don’t talk in their inside voices.

The President of what was formerly the most powerful nation ever countered by empowering the FBI (that’s right The Federal Bureau of Investigation) now known as the ‘American Stasi’  to consider these parents “domestic terrorists” and monitor them so our ‘dear teachers’ won’t be harassed as they go about their business of teaching Critical Race Theory and Drag Queen Story Hour.

I have urged that parents consider replacing government brick and mortar schools with an alternative that they can afford, now I feel you should make it a priority before it is outlawed.

There are many, many more both of online curriculum of brick and mortar both day schools and dormitory environments both governmental and non-governmental, overtly religious and sublimely Christian oriented, Home studies schools both structured and ala-carte but there is a system to categorize and qualify all of these, I just have to figure out what it is.

I imagine there are a good number of online classes and even whole of school environments provided through Zoom classes

There are also several ‘do-it-yourself’ curriculum-oriented sites that look interesting.

What I think would be useful is a clearinghouse of local ‘school’ moms who would supervise at-home learning for ‘student’ children for mothers who work. Moms who provide structure, snacks, help.

‘Stride’, an online learning system, Virginia Virtual Academy, a program of the King and Queen County Public Schools, the Patrick County Public Schools, and the Richmond City Public Schools, 

From <>

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The K-12 program seems to be a very well-run and widely distributed program or set of programs and multiple curriculums, a pretty slick splash page, and a caring presentation.

I took a sample lesson English/History lesson and while it was quite inclusive of theme and subject it seemed very bereft of point of view, presenting the lesson with a kind of either/or, take it or leave it opinion that felt to me like the student was pushed toward one view and there wasn’t a place for discussion. One of the questions had, I thought, two possible answers but there is no room to discuss differing thoughts or opinions. And since these students don’t have the over 60 years of life experience I have they would be almost certainly indoctrinated with the curriculum’s prejudice.

It is a government program so it may or may not be a carry-over from the leftist indoctrination in public schools that inspired me to write this series of articles or not, I would be highly skeptical of claims that the intentions were as pure as the driven snow. While I haven’t tested other online learning courses yet, and I do not remember my schooling well enough to compare I can’t say if this is a systemic failing of online learning or just of this one lesson, but maybe something that can be addressed as the medium moves forward.

Alpha-Omega-Academy $229/month; HSLDA has differing prices and curriculums; The Heartland Institute Who We Are – Dr. Duke Pesta | Heartland Institute ; Hillsdale Colleges’ Barney Center for younger education I know little about but take a lot of online courses for the College and know the quality I find there is bound to be at least equaled in their offering to newer students. One introduction from Director Larry Arnn and you will know his dedication to teaching is pervasive in every undertaking of his.

One reader commented that Calvert Academy is the “gold standard of homeschooling.” If you want to read about that awesome program, you can learn more about it here. It’s another great option, as is this anti-woke education platform.

Dennis Prager just did a Fireside Chat, episode #204, called why homeschooling is winning. I make a point to watch every Prager video and especially like his Fireside Chats, which are usually 45-minute open forums where Mr. Prager chooses a general theme and then pontificates, interviews guests, and makes his points always careful to include many, sometimes divergent thoughts but tying them all to a biblical perspective. It is always a learning experience that I equate to school lessons, no credit but great knowledge.

I hope to include some Prager clips in later articles.

By: David Gignac

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