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All Guns Matter

All Guns Matter, even the “Scary” Ones:

All guns matter; we have to defend our right to own any and all of them.

Does that apply to guns the left thinks is scary? Yes, the 2nd Amendment does apply to “scary” firearms! Does the 2nd Amendment apply to AR-15s? Yes, absolutely. I recently wrote about that in “The 2nd Amendment Applies to AR-15s.” Does the 2nd Amendment protect machine guns? Absolutely, even if those machine guns operate because of a specially folded coat hanger, like I wrote about in my “Coat Hanger Machine Guns” post. Some liberals say that machine guns and AR-15s are scary. I say they are the right weapons to fight tyranny.

In other words, all guns matter and all types of firearms can Constitutionally be owned by civilians without any special permit. That’s what the text of the 2nd Amendment says when it says “shall not be infringed,” and is what the Founding Fathers intended when they designed this great nation from the ground up. Pretending otherwise and creating ridiculous classifications of guns just to fit some twisted, leftist interpretation of the 2nd Amendment is an absolute insult to their memory.

So, what should you do to fight back against that insult to the Founders and to show that you know all guns matter? Defend your right to keep and bear arms at all costs. That’s what the 2nd Amendment says all Americans have the right to do; we just have to defend our right to do so and push back against the lies from the gun control fanatics and their media cronies, who often spread lies about gun violence and guns, especially rifles.

If you don’t do so, the fact that all guns matter will be lost forever. We can’t let that happen. As these classifications show, the ATF has used ridiculous classifications to slowly whittle down our rights to the point of meaninglessness, which is the usual progression of gun control.

Only through constant attention can we prevent that from continuing to happen as the government enacts policies that lead to lost freedoms. As soon as we lose sight of why the 2nd Amendment is so important, the government starts to whittle those very rights away. To defend against that tyranny, we much not only have the right weapons to fight tyranny, but also constant vigilance against new government moves against the 2nd Amendment.

If we make the critical mistake of losing focus, then all may be lost. The leftists will certainly use that opportunity to continue to spread gun control lies and to claim that some guns don’t matter. They’ll slander gun owners and further restrict your God given right to keep and bear arms.

That can’t be allowed to happen. So, you must defend your 2nd Amendment rights! All guns matter and are protected by the 2nd Amendment, even those “scary” ones that liberals hate and want to confiscate.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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