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“All about the Money”: The Latest Green Energy Scam Exposed by Industry Expert, Bestselling Author

Ever since Joe Biden has been campaigning for the 2020 election, he has made one thing clear, he wants to forcibly shift American energy away from fossil fuels. As climate alarmism is becoming ever more prevalent among left-leaning voters, the Democratic party is choosing to cater to those interests.

Highlighting his insane rhetoric, Biden is quoted from one of his 2020 campaigns stating, “We are going to get rid of fossil fuels,” and, “we should put them in jail,” when referring to fossil fuel executives. Never mind the nearly $1 trillion of US economic output from the shale revolution and the 4 million jobs created by the oil and gas industry, according to a Price Waterhouse Cooper analysis.

You may be asking, like many others, what do Democrats want to replace fossil fuels with? One of the propositions is solar power, however, it is not as “clean” and “renewable” as it may seem on the surface.

Times Bestselling author, Micheal Shellenberger, has been exposing the solar industry for several years with his bombshell reporting of their failures. He points out that people think solar panels are protecting the environment, but they require 300 times as much land as conventional energy sources. This means more deforestation and destruction of the natural environment.

Shellenberger further points out that the International Renewable Energy Agency in 2016 estimated that there was 250,000 metric tonnes of solar panel waste in the world and that this figure would reach 78 million metric tonnes by 2050. Michael states, “solar panel waste will explode with full force in two or three decades and wreck the environment” because it “is a huge amount of waste and they are not easy to recycle.”  

The Los Angeles Times discovered that the waste produced from solar panels contains a variety of toxic heavy metals such as lead, selenium, and cadmium which contaminate ground water when solar panels are disposed of. 

Shellenberger says, “Contrary to previous assumptions, pollutants such as lead or carcinogenic cadmium can be almost completely washed out of the fragments of solar modules over a period of several months, for example by rainwater.”

In addition,  researchers at the Electric Power Research Institute, concluded in a study that since solar panels contain such toxic materials they should never be disposed in landfills.  Doing so would leak them into the soil which would cause a “major issue” and pose a threat to public health.  

Furthermore, solar industry expert, Sam Vanderhoof, points out that only 1 in 10 solar panels actually get recycled. So 90% of all solar panels, which are filled with toxic waste, just end up in landfills polluting the environment. 

Not to mention that natural disasters can destroy massive solar panels farms, where in 2015 a California tornado destroyed 200,000 solar panels scattering the toxic materials all across the desert, making it nearly impossible to clean up.  With solar energy forecasted to grow in the coming decades, this could pose a serious threat to the environment and public health.  

All in all, the mass adoption of solar panels will be worse for the environment while Democrats are convinced they are saving the planet. Vanderhoof explains, “The solar industry is supposed to be green, but in reality, it is all about the money.”

By: Macro Conservative