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AlignPay: The Free Speech Alternative to PayPal

I recently received a request from one of my Patreon patrons to discuss what pro-conservative banks or online payment processors there might be.

Initially, my research indicated that only local banks have any chance of being conservative; the Big Banks that appear in city after city generally donated to BLM or associated groups and are getting more and more behind deplatforming and other forms of censorship.

Similarly, the only online payment processors are leftist in outlook. Square is owned by Jack Dorsey, that Twitter tyrant. Stripe banned Trump. PayPal has been banning conservatives for a long while now (I’m working through removing code that includes it on the site for that reason). Venmo, the only other real alternative, is owned by PayPal. So much for the free market.

That is, except for the one standout in a sea of anti-free speech, anti-conservative companies: AlignPay. Here’s what Reclaim the Net says its mission is:

“Many in the US are continuing to explore ways to counter widespread censorship and deplatforming, including on social networks and online infrastructure like payments processors.

Addressing the latter concern – where instances of cancel culture lead to depriving people of revenues – is AlignPay, a new payment platform launched by radio host and entrepreneur Dan Bongino, along with Jeff Wernick, Eric Berger, and Jake Hoffman.

Bongino previously invested in other alternative tech startups like Rumble.

AlignPay is positioned as an explicitly free speech-fostering and anti cancel culture-focused alternative to the likes of Stripe, but also Square and PayPal.”

Whereas all the other payment platforms act against conservatives and show themselves to be opponents of free speech, whether it be by banning Trump from their platforms, canceling the credit cards and bank accounts of conservatives, preventing their services from being used to pay for (legal) gun sales, or denying service to conservative-oriented businesses, AlignPay has decisively stood in favor of the sacred right of free speech. The only people not welcome on its platform are those using it to commit crimes.

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Even better, AlignPay doesn’t appear to be like Parler, a promising concept that never really got its act together. Rather, it’s a mature concept with a comprehensive suite of features. According to the AlignPay website:

  • AlignPay is designed for fast, easy, and secure use.
  • AlignPay specializes in credit, debit, and ACH transactions.
  • AlignPay offers recurring donations and processing fee offsets.
  • AlignPay delivers its services at a low cost and with better value.
  • AlignPay does not and will never sell anyone’s personally identifiable information.
  • AlignPay secures all transactions with full encryption.
  • AlignPay’s onboarding process lets you get started right away.
  • AlignPay delivers market-leading APIs and integration tools.
  • AlignPay enables users to select branding, features, amounts, and more.
  • AlignPay provides 24/7 customer service and compliance support.

Credit and debit transactions. Interbank transfers. Recurrent donation settings. Keeping your data private and secure. And, best of all, it won’t persecute you based on ideology.

The problem with many conservative alternatives to Big Tech platforms is that the concepts aren’t mature or the services aren’t particularly good. Parler was a great idea that was executed in a haphazard manner and ultimately became unusable. Other social media alternatives have a limited user base and/or don’t have enough features to make them as useful as the Big Tech ones. Black Rifle Coffee lost its courage and doesn’t make that great of a product. And so on. We need good conservative alternatives to the leftist companies, not just any alternatives.

Two that I’ve previously mentioned are Freedom Phone and Clear Mobile, both of which produce phones that don’t use Big Tech iOS. Revere Coffee produces good coffee and is actually conservative, unlike BRC. And now we have AlignPay, which will hopefully free us from the grip of tyranny the current players in the online payment industry hold us in. I can’t wait to purge Gen Z of the links to leftist PayPal and get started with AlignPay!

If you’re a conservative business owner, or just want to cut a censorship-minded, leftist company out of your life, I highly recommend you start using it too. The best way to fight woke companies is to hit them in their wallet by cutting them out of yours.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Gab and Facebook