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Alexandra Ocasio Smollett: Yet Another Leftist Hoax

Alexandra Ocasio Smollett is a Liar

I’ll freely admit from the beginning that I would never have thought of the “Alexandra Ocasio Smollett” moniker had I not heard that it was trending on Twitter. But, when I heard it, I knew that it, like the Nancy Antoinette nickname, was something hilarious that I needed to write about.

For those that don’t know, here’s what happened. Shortly after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, AOC announced to her Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch followers that her life had been in danger. Based on the interviews she did and statements she made after that horrific event, she made it sound like she had been there at ground zero and was barely able to hide from a rampaging mob and survive. This was one of the (many) statements she made: MSN Video

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For those that (like me) can’t stand Alexandra Ocasio Smollett’s voice and don’t want to listen to the full video, she essentially recounts her experience of barricading herself in an office, hiding in a bathroom, and hiding out in Rep. Porter’s office, desperately looking for running shoes so that she could run away if a time to do so came.

She makes it sound as if rioters were chasing her down and banging on the door looking for her. She said it was a “very close encounter” and that, at one point, a Capitol police officer rushed into the office to help her and, because he was white, she thought he might be trying to put her in a vulnerable decision.

If that were a true story, it certainly would have been quite a harrowing experience and her “I did not know if I was going to make it to the end of that day alive” statement might have been justified. There’s a problem though, and it’s where the “Alexandra Ocasio Smollett” moniker turns from.

It turns out, unsurprisingly, that the basic premise of the story, that rioters were chasing her down and she had to hide so she wouldn’t be dragged out of her office and potentially killed, was entirely false.

At the time, she was in the Cannon Office building. It’s a congressional office building somewhat near the Capitol, but quite separate. It’s about 1/3 of a mile away and wasn’t breached during the riot.

alexandra occasio smollet
Image from: NYP

As Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), whose office was a few doors down the hall from AOC’s, “My office is 2 doors down. Insurrectionists never stormed our hallway.” Here’s the tweet:

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alexandra occasio smollet

Perhaps AOC really was scared. Neither Rep. Porter, a Democrat, or Rep. Mace, a Republican, were, however, which might be indicative of Rep. Cortez’s martyr complex, but that’s an issue for another time.

What’s the issue here is that the “Alexandra Ocasio Smollett” nickname points to a real issue– Democrats accuse Republicans of being liars and focusing on made-up issues, yet they continually spread mistruths and lies to shape the debate in a way that benefits them.

It’s bad that people stormed the Capitol, why did AOC have to lie about it? She lied because, for her and her radical cronies, the truth isn’t good enough. They need to paint all of us as radicals and paint themselves as victims.

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They lied and pretended Trump was a racist so that they wouldn’t have to have a substantive debate about his policies. Jussie Smollett lied about being attacked and almost lynched by MAGA hat-wearing people; in reality, he paid a few black men to beat him up and put a noose around his neck. Bubba Wallace pretended there was a noose in his garage; turns out, it was just a pull handle that that been there for years. And now, Alexandra Ocasio Smollett lied about her Capitol experience to make it sound like she was a victim.

It’s sad and ridiculous, but it’s also dangerous. They paint themselves as victims so that they don’t have to debate. Who wants to have an honest discussion about racism or populism with people who have been lynched or almost killed? That would be insensitive, so good-hearted people let them get away with it for fear of attacking a victim.

The problem is, they’re not victims. Alexandra Ocasio Smollett is a hoaxster, not a victim. We can’t let her and people like her keep getting away with lying to us. Whatever their accusations of wrongdoing, we must press them and defend ourselves and our ideology. They’re trying to use our good nature against us; don’t let them.

By: Gen Z Conservative