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Meme: Guns Don’t Kill People, Alec Baldwin Kills People

Alec Baldwin, one of the big gun control advocates and virulent leftists, recently killed someone on set. Yes, it was probably an accident and I’m sure he’s devastated. But keep sharing memes like this! Why? Well, Kurt Schlichter, one of my favorite writers, explained why in a recent article:

Alec Baldwin got to play his dream role last week, and unfortunately for an innocent woman, it was a method-acting version of Ted Kennedy. Now, you note that I am mocking a guy whose probable gross negligence killed a lady and maimed a man, and this raises an important question – do we really want to live in a world where our reaction to a tragedy caused by an enemy is not sorrow and compassion but mockery?

Alec Baldwin is a bad person, but more than that, he is a bad person who hates us with a mortality rate thanks to his hypocrisy. And now he is vulnerable, and the rules say he is fair game – his rules. Is it significant that this amoral, leftist, Trumpophobic gun grabber has personally executed more mass shootings than any Christian conservative Trump-loving NRA member? Not in any kind of intellectual sense – it’s just a thing that happened – but it makes a helluva meme.

The argument for being nice is that 1) we should live the way we wish to live, that is, model the way we want the world regardless of how the world actually is and set the example; 2) we are better than that; and 3) Jesus tells us to. Of these, No. 3 is the most compelling – the hardest part of Christianity is loving your enemies. Perhaps you can do that even as you tweet that the fifth rule of gun safety is never give Alec Baldwin a gun. Jesus wasn’t a pinko hippie; he confronted and told hard truths. And despite the injunction to turn the other cheek, Christians are not pacifists. After all, many soldiers are Christian and they kill their enemies, so you must be able to be a Christian and point out through biting sarcasm that Alec Baldwin is awful too.

As for us modeling to the world, does that ever work? Has us not matching punch for punch with the cultural left ever made them hold up and think, “Gosh, the conservatives’ refusal to stoop to my level has made me rethink this whole pursuit of power thing – I will forgo it and return to the norms of yesteryear”? Of course not. George W. Bush famously remained above the fray and they only stopped vivisecting him when he joined them in vivisecting us.

As for us being “better than that,” I’ll take being just as bad as that and not being a cultural serf over the David French position, which is the converse.

The premise of Option B is that we have to fight fire with fire, though that analogy always puzzled me. Rather, in combat you use the necessary weapons. Nazis and communists used guys with guns to attack us; we used guys with guns to kill them. Was there a moral difference, since everybody used guns, asks the moral illiterate? Yes. The other guys were Nazis and communists, and shooting them was a moral imperative because they were Nazis and communists. Our mean tweets are in the service of light, theirs are on the side of darkness.

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Those are the rules we’re playing by today. I didn’t make the rules. I don’t like them. I’m even willing to return to the old ones, once enough pain has been inflicted to teach the necessary lesson about changing the rules. But I am not willing to play by a different set of rules that limits me at the expense of my opponents.

That’s the conundrum. I want a nice world, but I can’t get it just by being nice. So leftists, let me know when you want to change the new rules back. Until then, they are in effect.

A bit of a longer excerpt than I normally use, but I think it’s important to get the point across.

Alec Baldwin and his ilk are bad people. They’re hypocrites, liars, greedy, self-obsessed, and haven’t a care in the world for America. But, as Schlichter points out, that’s not all. They also hate us and would destroy us if they could.

Do any of the pearl-clutching “conservatives” that won’t make fun of Baldwin think that he’d do the same if he were in their shoes? Would he hold off criticizing a political enemy just because the situation was horrible?

No, of course not. He’d go for the jugular.

We should too. As I’ve said before, we need to raise the black flag and make the culture war fight a total war. No more letting them win the small battles, no more backing down on anything from Alec Baldwin killing someone to DC Comics making Superman super gay.

If we want to win, then we have to go for the jugular with even more energy and even less hesitation than Baldwin’s band of rabid leftists does.

So, go for it! Share memes and funny posts like the one above! Skewer him as he would skewer you.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.