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Alaska’s Trump-Hating, RINO Senator Murkowski Just Got Some Very Bad News

RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski, the turncoat “Republican” from Alaska that tends to side with the left on culture war issues and just voted to confirm far-left Kentanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, just got a piece of very bad news: now she’s facing a Trump-backed opponent, Kelly Tshibaka, in her fight to keep her Senate seat. That’s big news for two reasons.

The first is that it shows the MAGA movement is more than willing to stand up to RINOs everywhere: it’s not just some of the higher-profile races, such as the one against Liz Cheney, that attract attention, but any opportunity to get rid of one of those nasty RINOs that did so much to work against Trump and the GOP.

The second reason is that Trump has pledged to get involved in the fight against Murkowski, so Kelly Tshibaka officially entering the race means that we’ll likely see Trump at his best, taking on RINO Senator Murkowski with a vengeance like he took on Jeb! Bush. Reporting on that aspect of the race, Just the News reports:

Trump-backed candidate Kelly Tshibaka has officially filed to challenge GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski for the Senate seat she’s held since 2002.

Former President Trump has repeatedly said he would campaign against Murkowski, who voted in favor of his second impeachment and called on him to resign following the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.

So, with Tshibaka running, we’ll get to see Trump go on the warpath against one of the most notorious RINOs in the Senate, which should be exciting.

Announcing her candidacy and slamming Murkowski in her statemen,t Tshibaka said “Lisa Murkowski has forgotten us because she cares more about being popular with her friends in Washington, D.C.”

Thsibaka has scolded Murkowski for that vote in the past too. Earlier in April, she released a statement sayingLisa Murkowski has failed Alaska yet again, apparently calculating that there’s more political benefit in pleasing the D.C. insiders and catering to the radical left than there is in protecting her own constituents. When I’m the next senator from Alaska, I won’t make people wait for my decisions, and I will always support only strong, conservative constitutionalist nominees.”

Then, noting different less than conservative votes and decisions Murkowski has made during her time in the Senate, namely her voting to confirm Kentanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, Tshibaka said:

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These are not the votes that a senator from Alaska should be casting. Murkowski has made poor decisions like this over and over, and we, the people of Alaska, continue to pay the price for her popularity in Washington, D.C.

Murkowski, for her part, said that there will be “plenty of people on the outside who will be gunning for me, who will suggest that I am not right for Alaskans. I would put that directly to the people of this state.”

It will be put to them and it will be fun to see them reject her, particularly after Trump thrashes her around a bit.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.