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Alabama Abortion Bill

Alabama Abortion Bill:

Alabama Abortion Bill

A Gen Z Conservative view of the Alabama Abortion Bill:

The Alabama abortion bill is very controversial, obviously. There are multiple legitimate conservative opinions of it. I think it is about right, but a bit too strict in certain circumstances. Additionally, it doesn’t take into account the fiscal burden that extremely limiting abortions will place on society. Does Alabama really want to strain the welfare system by adding to the future welfare rolls even more?

Of course, the framers of the bill never thought about that. Unlike the Federalists and Anti-Federalists, whose respective arguments are described in “What the Anti-Federalists were For,” the Alabama lawmakers are not legislative geniuses. They are instead operating off of emotion and a sense of moral duty.

Despite my fiscal concerns about the bill, I do think it has strong moral aspects. Murdering babies is wrong. And after there is a heartbeat, I do believe that the baby is alive. So while I would like the Alabama abortion bill to be more of a heartbeat bill like Georgia’s, I do understand where the Alabama lawmakers were coming from. Like the creator of the “Baby Asylum in Alabama” meme, the Alabama lawmakers were just trying to point out that defending babies is a worthwhile cause. I couldn’t agree with them more.

I just think they should have operated more off of reason than emotion. The bill would have been better that way because conservatives should always operate off of reason rather than emotion.

The Liberal Reaction to the Alabama Abortion Bill:

I do think that liberals’ reaction to it is very telling. Especially how they view a ban of something that isn’t a Constitutional right versus a ban of firearm ownership, which is a Constitutional right. Like I talk about “Is Abortion a Constitutional Right,” it is absolutely astounding how little understanding liberals have of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They are more than willing to try to strip away or limit actual rights, namely our 2nd Amendment rights. But when it comes to things that are not actually rights, such as abortion, they will defend those to the end. I think that is not only morally and Constitutionally wrong, but also very nonsensical and hypocritical.

We conservatives need to make sure that we not only stand up for our rights, but also adequately explain what “rights” are enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and what supposed rights are really just things the government is letting people do. Abortion falls into the second category. Make sure liberals know that.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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