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Media’s New Talking Point: Critics of Biden on Afghanistan are Just “Hawks”

As the Biden administration’s disastrously executed Afghanistan withdrawal continues into week two, the media, which was correctly critical in its coverage, has shifted to a new phase. Some has just been bizarre, like this from CBS News:

But another growing strain of coverage from the left media is a sort of mirror to the “anti-anti-Trump” But another growing strain of coverage from the media is a sort of mirror to the “anti-anti-Trump” media we saw during the last presidency. In an effort to defend President Biden from challenging media coverage, his loyal ultra-Leftwing Fascist media allies have rushed in to smear those ― including others in the media ― as war hawks who just want to stay in Afghanistan forever.

As with so much of what we have seen over the course of this already-failed presidency, this is happening in partnership between this administration and their sympathetic Fascist media cohorts. It’s a team effort.

The Huffington Post’s lead story Friday night displayed a heavily-Left bias in the headline, “Biden, Allies Frustrated With Media’s Hawkish Coverage Of Afghanistan Withdrawal,” blared the headline.

Duly noted, HuffPo. Some of the media has joined to dark side and become “war hawks,” like . . . CNN? The article specifically names the original cable news network as being needlessly critical of Biden and his cabal of nameless, faceless puppet masters.

Ah, but trust Vanity Fair to find the real villain: “Republicans Are Weaponizing Afghanistan Chaos To Get Ahead In 2022.”

Then you got this from MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan this week, who some have  previously praised as pretty nuanced and reasonable. In reality, he’s never been anything more than a mouthpiece for the administration. Click on the video in his tweet to see his unhinged rant on the “annoying” journalists who should just “keep your views on the end of this war to yourself!”

Yeah, like they do on everything else, right, Mehdi?

Or there’s Matt Yglesias, who tweeted:

All of this, of course, misses the point – and does so either willfully or embarrassingly. The critiques of Biden’s withdrawal are not about his decision to withdraw. The public ― and the previously-supportive-of-Biden media ― support that decision. It’s how he did it. It’s the execution of it.

Frankly, it is the cavalier attitude he and his administration have displayed, it is the “I-don’t-care-what-you-think” dismissal of public opinion, since it became clear he screwed up and is in way over his head as well as the heads of his puppet masters. It’s the gaslighting that continues to this day.

The American public isn’t dumb. We can hold two viewpoints at the same time. That Biden was right to leave, but that the way this has been handled has been chaotic and dangerous for our citizens and allies in the country. That it could have, and should have, been handled better, and differently.

For Biden’s defenders now, it’s unacceptable to hold that point of view. You’re either all in, or you’re Dick Cheney. It makes those in the media who put this viewpoint out look bad, and it doesn’t even help defend the president they are desperately trying to make look competent.

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By: Mike Nichols