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“Advice for the Peasants”: Bloomberg Blasted for Elitist Inflation Take

Bloomberg Opinion posted a most unfortunate tweet to promote a seriously deranged article on Saturday. Here’s that tweet:

Now, the premise of the article is fine, perhaps even admirable. Inflation is hurting those in the low- and middle-income brackets, something Senator Rand Paul exposed in a recent report on the subject.

But the suggestions offered in the tweet- eating lentils rather than meat, taking public transportation, buying limited quantities of goods, and “no one said this would be fun,” were taken by many on Twitter to be a reprehensible manifestation of elitism. As Dinesh D’Souza put it: “The progressives have some sage advice for the peasants”

Nor was he the only one to slam the article. Don Jr. jumped in too, pointing out that not voting for Democrats seems like a far better idea than taking the bus:

Another tore into the left’s messaging shift as exemplified by the article and tweet, saying:

They figured out “just buy an EV” was a big fat fail and started saying “just take the bus and eat porridge”

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I can’t stop laughing

Another paired the tweet with an infamous (and fake) photo of Paris Hilton wearing a (photoshopped) tank top saying “stop being poor” and said:

You think you hate these people now but I assure you this is going to get a lot worse

ZeroHedge even suggested (probably jokingly) that Bloomberg Opinion had been hacked, saying:

Commenting on a repost of the Bloomberg tweet that pointed out that the “don’t buy in bulk” advice is pretty bad advice, another blasted the tweet by adding caricatures of other leftist demands, saying:

➡️Travel in the Pod
➡️Keep Consooming
➡️Try the FakeMcBuggery
➡️”…and you’ll enjoy it”.

One troll even scrounged up a picture of the author, Teresa Ghilarducci, to mock the article:

This isn’t the first Bloomberg article on inflation that’s been viciously mocked for giving what some contend to be bad advice.

Another article, titled “For Americans Shocked by Inflation, Argentines Have Some Advice”, said:

“In a high-inflation economy, money that sits in the bank is losing value. Each day, those $100 on deposit buy a little bit less. As a result, many Argentines spend their paychecks as soon as they receive them, carting away weeks’ worth of groceries in a single shopping trip, even if some of it — excess meat, chicken, fish — will sit in the freezer for months,” Gillespie and Doll wrote.

Adding to that, they said “And don’t hesitate to borrow money to finance some of those big purchases. If you can get a loan at a rate below inflation — something that’s possible for many Americans today — go for it. Inflation will make it easier to repay the loan in coming months and years.”

Fox, reported on the funny reactions to that article, saying:

“Bloomberg next week –‘Some of the advice on how to cope with rising inflation includes: Stop using cash and switch to bartering,'” Sen. Ted Cruz advisor Omri Ceren tweeted.

Journalist Ian Miles Cheong wrote, “America is turning into the Weimar Republic with financial magazines advising people to spend their paychecks as soon as they get paid. Hyperinflation is coming.”

Former investment banker Carol Roth quoted a line from a deleted World Economic Forum video writing “You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

Perhaps Bloomberg needs to recalibrate its inflation advice approach. Americans don’t seem to be huge fans of what it’s saying or how it’s saying it.

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