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Help Your Child Be an Adorable Deplorable

Note: Although this article might seem like an ad, it’s not meant to be one. No one is being paid, nor am I an affiliate. Rather, it’s an attempt to show that there are conservative companies out there and that if you want to start your kids off as conservatives, there are resources to do so, from funny clothes to great books. I hope you enjoy this highlight and support a great, conservative company! So, without further ado, enjoy hearing from the founder of Adorable Deplorable! – Gen Z

Who we are is easy. We are Adorable Deplorable USA. But why we do what we do is more important. 

Here at Adorable Deplorable USA, we believe deplorable is synonymous with those who believe in America’s Judeo-Christian founding principles and values. We proudly cling to God and our guns and recognize that there was and still is a divine connection between God and liberty because He is the Author of it. We believe truth is sacred and that the Bible is the ultimate source of truth and must be supported. It is up to us, the basket of deplorables, to pass on the Christian values and morals that are essential for our great republic to be restored to a stable and prosperous nation. 

We are not just selling a 5 item gift box with bonus items. Our goal is to help America remember who we are and remind all the patriotic, God-fearing Americans that there is no liberty without God. We can do our part in the story of freedom by teaching America’s first principles to our adorable deplorables. 

The Lil’ Mr. and Lil’ Miss Adorable Deplorable Gift Boxes are here! They are the perfect baby gifts for patriotic parents raising the next generation of adorable deplorables. The box includes 5 baby items with a free plush Liberty Eagle. But we haven’t forgotten about you patriotic parents. We have included 6 bonus items for you to help promote the cause of liberty.

Our gift box includes: 

Baby items:
-Lil’ Mr. or Lil’ Miss Adorable Deplorable Onesie
-Lil’ Mr. or Lil’ Miss Adorable Deplorable Bib
-BenShot Adorable Deplorable Baby Bottle with an embedded .308 copper bullet.
-Jesus Storybook Bible
-Tuttle Twins ABC’s of Liberty Book
️⭐Free Plush Liberty Eagle⭐️

Bonus items for parents:
-Adorable Deplorable Sticker
-The Life of Jesus DVD
-Pocket Constitution
-28 Principles of Liberty Card
-5 Duties of a Christian Citizen Booklet
-“Only One Life” poem
Be on the lookout for this one of a kind gift!

Available sizes:
*0-3 Months (Lil’ Mr. and Lil’ Miss)
*3-6 Months (Lil’ Mr. and Lil’ Miss)
*6-12 Months coming soon

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️⭐Proudly clinging to God and our guns⭐