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“We Love Being…Females”: Pop Star Attacks Woke Mob

Pop star Adele, like many at the pinnacle of her success, is only occasionally in the mob’s good graces. While she should theoretically be a “girl boss” by their standards, she tends to get in trouble for doing or saying what most would consider to be reasonable things.

Whether that was when she was attacked for engaging in “cultural appropriation” after dressing up in dreads for some party, blasted by the “fat is beautiful” crowd for losing weight and getting healthy, or now under fire for saying that she’s happy to be a woman, Adele is frequently attacked by the woke mob.

Most recently, as indicated above, that took the form of the mob hounding her for daring to say “I understand why the name of this award has changed, but I really love being a woman and being a female artist. I do. I’m really proud of us, I really, really am,” after winning the “Artist of the Year” award, which is meant to replace the “Best Male” and “Best Female” singer awards. Watch her here:

So, predictably, the pronoun police came after her for daring to say that she’s…happy to be a woman. As Breitbart reported at the time of the nonsense:

Adele was swiftly attacked for her comments, and was labeled a “TERF,” a new woke term that stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.”

“Please, no, ADELE can’t be a TERF,” one Twitter user proclaimed.

“Who’d have thought #Adele was a transphobe and would use her platform to call for the destruction of the trans community. Especially the confused teenagers,” another lamented.

“Adele is a TERF!” another declared. “She probably misgenders people all the time, laughs at enbys, and tells asexuals to shut up about not wanting to fuck anyone already!”

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Well, surprisingly, for a performer, Adele chose not to back down but rather to state the seemingly commonsense truth that she’s a woman.

Speaking during some event in the UK, she said “We love being females, we love being a fucking female…But we love being females, but we love being a fucking female, don’t we?

Unnecessarily vulgar? Sure. The most brilliant speech ever? Nope. Still brave, at it was an open stand against at least one part of the woke mob? Absolutely.

Adele is no conservative. Her “We love being females” comment came at some degenerate event that no one with a lick of shame would want to be present at. But still, she’s willing to stand up to the woke mob in a way few others will, and for that she should be praised.

Across the West, everyone else is backing down to the pronoun police and rainbow mafia. On issue after issue, we throw out common sense for the sake of making the transgenders, gays, or whoever else happy. We shy away from truth in the name of avoiding conflict or hurt feelings.

No longer! It’s time for more people to be like Adele and stand up to the woke gender mob, speaking the truth about men and women before all is lost.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.