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ABSURD: Woke Pope Makes Easter about Racism

It’s Easter time at last, time to remember the sacrifice of the Christ and God’s mercy in sending him to suffer for our sins. And to remember something else, apparently. According to the woke pope in Rome, now’s the time to also remember that white people are racist. I suppose that part of the Bible didn’t make it into the final cut, but “Pope” Francis found and recovered it.

He, in Good Friday interview for Italian TV, had this to say about what Christians should be thinking about now that it’s Easter:

It is true. Refugees are subdivided. There’s first class, second class, skin colour, [if] they come from a developed country [or] one that is not developed. We are racists, we are racists. And this is bad. The problem of the refugees is a problem that Jesus suffered too, because he was a migrant and a refugee in Egypt when he was a child, to escape death. How many of them are suffering to escape death! There is an image of the flight into Egypt that a Piedmont artist executed. He sent it to me and I made holy cards from it. It shows Joseph with the baby who are fleeing.

But Saint Joseph does not have a beard, no. He is Syrian, from today, with a baby, who is fleeing the war today. An anguished face that these people have, just like Jesus, forced to flee. And Jesus went through all these things, he is still there. On the cross, there are people from the countries of Africa at war, of the Middle East at war, of Latin America at war, of Asia at war. Several years ago I said that we are living a third world war in pieces.

But we have not learned. I – I am a minister of the Lord and a sinner, chosen by the Lord, but a sinner nevertheless – when I went to Redipuglia in 2014 for the commemoration of the centenary, I saw and I wept.

All I could do was weep. All the young men, all the boys. Then one day, I went to the cemetery in Anzio, and I saw those young men who landed in Anzio. All young! And I wept there yet again. I am moved to tears before this. I think it was two years ago when there was the commemoration of the landing in Normandy. I saw the government leaders, there was a reunion…they commemorated this.

But why don’t we all commemorate the 30,000 soldiers who fell on Normandy’s beaches? War is growing with the lives of our children, of our young people. This is why I am saying that war is a monstrosity! Let us go to these cemeteries, which are the very life of this memory.

Let’s think about that scene that is written: ships arriving on Normandy, opening, young boys jumping down with their rifles and the Germans… (editor’s note: the Holy Father imitates the action of shooting). 30,000 on the beach.

Yes, apparently Easter is the time to reflect on…racism. Perhaps woke Pope Francis saw a picture of the white Easter bunny and his secretary went apoplectic. Let’s see how we works misogyny into the Christmas story; or perhaps we’ll next learn that Jesus was placed in a manger because an Alabama innkeeper thought Mary was a shade too dark.

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Easter is the time to reflect on sin, God’s sacrifice, and repentance. Not on how terrible white people are.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.