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Abraham Lincoln on Lost Freedoms and an American Collapse

The Quote by Abraham Lincoln on Lost Freedoms and Destroying Ourselves

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” -Abraham Lincoln on Lost Freedoms

My Take on the Quote by Abraham Lincoln on Lost Freedoms

Despite being a Southerner, I think this quotation by Abraham Lincoln on lost freedoms is both excellent and incredibly important for all Americans to keep in mind, whatever region they might hail from. Sure, I tend to identify more with the perspective found in Lee’s Lieutenants than Ulysses Grant’s Memoirs, but even I know that any eloquent defense of freedom is crucial to keep in mind.

The reason all patriots must understand this quote is that it gets to the root of the battle for America’s soul and future. No foreign invader could ever take on the United States and win. Our Navy, Army, and Air Force would utterly devastate them before they even got within sight of our shores. And that’s not changing, even as Russia spends heavily on defense and China builds up its military, No, we’ve invested in game-changing technologies like secretive space programs, lasers for fighter jets, and IRBMs for naval vessels, so no invader could ever win.

Rather, the threat to American freedom comes from Americans themselves, as Samuel Adams eloquently described in his quote on preserving liberty. As Ronald Reagan said, this is the last bastion of freedom left. If Americans suddenly decide that peace and wealth are preferable to liberty, then liberty worldwide is done for.

We’re the only ones left and there is nowhere on Earth to turn to. That means that we must fight for freedom here if it is to be preserved. We can’t follow the role model of Europe and surrender our freedom to government bureaucrats. Instead, we must fight to keep it and bear the burden that entails.

So, Americans must preserve the spirit of freedom, the spirit of 1776, within them. We must shy away from government control, shy away at any attacks on individual liberty, and refuse to accept tyrannical laws. Otherwise, freedom might be lost forever and it will only be because we did it to ourselves. That can’t be permitted to happen, the the failure of traditional liberalism can’t mean the death of liberty.

Unfortunately, the prospect of that seems to be growing less and less likely by the day as Americans care less about liberty and more about living lives of ease and degeneracy. That’s why, for example, Joe Biden might not lose in the landslide in November like he should; too many modern Americans don’t like the fact that to become wealthier under Trump they actually have to work. So, they want to vote for Biden.

They’re okay with that because they haven’t read and don’t understand this quote by Abraham Lincoln on lost freedoms. Far from caring about preserving the right to liberty their ancestors fought so hard for, too many modern Americans care only about material wealth. If that doesn’t change, Americans will have destroyed themselves.

But, all is not lost. This quote by Abraham Lincoln on lost freedoms does not need to come true. Americans just need to be inspired again. With Trump, they will be inspired. With Trump, the best is yet to come for America. That’s why he needs to be in office. Trump 2024!

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By: Gen Z Conservative

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